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Scout in Team Fortress 2

Scout in Team Fortress 2

Valve are continuing to release character videos for Team Fortress 2, five months after its release. It's pretty entertaining as usual, so here is "Meet the scout".

Meet the scout

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Commented on 2008-04-19 17:08:18
Oh its out? nobody told me

Funny vid
Commented on 2008-04-19 17:09:45
I'm surprised they actually are still going with these, but I like them.

I wonder what they'll do with pyro?
Commented on 2008-04-19 17:12:06
The scout's maybe my fav class, even though I'm not very good with him.
Commented on 2008-04-19 18:06:40
Why don't you release a patch nad map packs valve. You're drinking your own bath water with orange box being so great, well keep it great.
Commented on 2008-04-19 18:23:09
lol funny

wish they made a compilation of all of the videos as one big download! would be awesome
Commented on 2008-04-19 18:34:37
Don't like the game one bit. Tried it for a few days, but just couldn't get into it.

The shooting is just so awkward, I've spend three days at the game and just managed to kill a handfull of people. The character movements are just way too fast and quirky to keep up, on a console atleast.

Perhaps I'm not that good at FPS's but with COD4 and Halo3, 90 % of the free for all games I play, I'm competing for the win. This game however, I'd be glad to get a single kill in a few matches.

It's shocking how much this game sucks seeing as who's behind it and how fantastic the Half life series control on the 360.
Commented on 2008-04-20 00:47:49 In reply to Jato
Posted by Jato
It's shocking how much this game sucks seeing as who's behind it and how fantastic the Half life series control on the 360.
maybe u should play it for the PC then. I found this game rather shitty on the 360.
Commented on 2008-04-20 02:36:56
Kinda reminds me of a skinny Georges St. Pierre. As for the game, eh.
Commented on 2008-04-20 02:47:06
Jato you have to learn how to play the game. It's not just about running around killing people. Learn the classes. Don't bother with the 360 version because you say you're good enough at Halo 3 and COD4 so it's not lack of skill with gamepads that's the problem.
Commented on 2008-04-20 03:02:22
Jigen is right, this isn't a run and gun shooter. There are classes to it and they aren't the same as CoD4's perks system. You have to see which classes are good at what and adjust accordingly at certain moments. Also, good teamwork is a very big key to success. And yes, pc version will do you better as the content updates and class fixes are pc only.
Commented on 2008-04-20 03:03:29
This again shows how great the graphics are in TF2.. It looks like CGI but it's actually all ingame content being used..

Ohw, and Jato, simply play this type of game on PC.. To me it's always akward playing these type of games on consoles.. I can understand it being released on the consoles for the money, but in terms of pure gameplay and control these games simply belong on PC with mouse+keyboard controls and all the extra online content and community support.. The console versions are usually weak in comparison imho..

Besides all that TF2 is also a lot deeper then relative simple shooters like CoD or Halo, so I can understand some not liking it because it's gets to complex for them, especially more casual consolegamers.. If you want a simple quick fix FPS (run, aim & shoot without much complex thinking required), CoD and Halo etc are the better games.. But I find TF2 offers a lot of very good deep classbased gameplay, and a lot of humor with that.. It's a shooter for the more thinking gamer that wants something different.. The whole atmosphere and graphics are also simply awesome and unique.. I think even if you don't like it yourself you can never say TF2 sucks as a game.. It's AAA-quality and then some..
Commented on 2008-04-20 06:37:24
It is so awesome that the Heavy's last action is to reach out for his food! I feel sorry for him, all he wanted was a sandwich... Mmm I should go make one myself.
Commented on 2008-04-20 16:14:03
Krabath .... dude.. why did you have to say sandwich!?...go make one for me to I want roastbeef on mine!!! XD
Commented on 2008-04-20 19:31:51
for me its best game of 2007 point blank, but on PC, not console. Its fast paste gameplay just doesn't suit console for my taste.
Commented on 2008-04-21 00:30:03
Yeah, definitely one of the best games of '07. I haven't played it on the 360, but I'm sure it plays like crap on the game-pad.
What I love about Valve games are that you don't need an expensive video card to play the games with max settings and fast frame-rates. Efficiency is great!
Commented on 2008-04-21 19:29:49
they should work on making the game better (yes there is still lag in alot of games) instead of releasing vids that should have been released an year ago
Commented on 2008-04-21 20:18:19
I'm surprised they haven't made this into a show of some sort
Commented on 2008-04-21 20:48:23 In reply to Inflatable
Yeah, I'll try the PC version at a buddy of mine then. I don't have the GPU to support this game atm. Not really a PC gamer anymore, though I'm waiting for the ultimate "sweet spot GPU" to release.

Never gonna happen ofcourse, but I just want to hang on to a bit more mature DX10 card or something.

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