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Screens, CGs and artworks of Darkwatch

Screens, CGs and artworks of Darkwatch

Developped by a team composed in part by former Oddworld Inhabitants employees, Darkwatch is a FPS in a Western/Zombies setting. The cg scene seem to be pretty nicely done, hopefully the rest of the game will be good too.

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Commented on 2004-03-03 22:41:29
the grapihcs have improved a lot
Commented on 2004-03-03 22:48:02 In reply to KnifeFace
Considering how awful the first screens were, yes you're right. I would not say the game looks nice either, but it's more a matter of taste ;)
Commented on 2004-03-04 00:22:00 In reply to BlimBlim
PR fakes. You can see borders around the characters in the "game" shots.
Commented on 2004-03-04 15:53:11 In reply to INDIGO
I think the graphics still need a some work. The texturing looks muddy and in terms of sheer power the Xbox is capable of so much more. I have not seen older screenshots of the game so I cannot say how much of an improvement the game has been through, but I am currently learning how to make 3D models, and I think that unless the modellers for the game have duties in developement other than simply modelling, well...

On the upside, I think some of the designs are excellent. The fat-looking guy looks pretty creative, and looks like, with the right animation team, he could be scary and humorous at the same time--humorous if he were to walk around as if he had to lug around his own weight, but scary at the same time, if it were huge and you saw him walking out of a doorway--tearing around the doorway in the process. It'd be something cool to see even if he weren't coming at you.

They should also comsider making those things fart and scratch their asses or something when they're idle--that design has true potential.

Still, that's also an important thing--despite how the graphics looks, with something like first-person shooters these days, especially something dealing with the undead--animation is what will bring the work to life--so even if t he graphics remain as they are--if they could be properly animated, the project could be a work of art after all.

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