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Second Stormrise trailer

Second Stormrise trailer

Sega sent us this second trailer of Stormrise, the console only FPS developed by the Australian branch of Creative Assembly.

Trailer 2

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Commented on 2008-09-10 18:23:15
Wow, that looks really horrible. It's just a grey, messy pile of crap. Atleast, judging from this particular footage.

Not a good first impression...
Commented on 2008-09-10 18:31:38
It doesn't look horrible! It is just that the studio behind this game has sequestered themselves, programming, underneath a rock for the last 4 years thinking that this is still the PS2/Xbox era.

Well, somebody should wake them up!
Commented on 2008-09-10 18:39:43
this is gonna be an FPS? it looks like RTS graphics. i mean, those character models would looks pretty good from a high isometrc viewpoint, but as a FPS it'll look terrible.
Commented on 2008-09-10 18:50:56
BlimBlim are you sure you didnt make a mistake, and list this as an FPS?

I am almost sure this is a RTS game.
Commented on 2008-09-10 18:53:12 In reply to UrukHaiPT
Posted by UrukHaiPT
BlimBlim are you sure you didnt make a mistake, and list this as an FPS?

I am almost sure this is a RTS game.
just had a look at the offical site, and it is an RTS. thank god.
Commented on 2008-09-10 18:55:39 In reply to KORNdog
Posted by KORNdog
just had a look at the offical site, and it is an RTS. thank god.
Yep. It says in the end of the video, its a RTS :p

I like Creative Assembly, keeping an eye :)


And its not exclusive to consoles. Its coming to PC too.


Update: The North American Sega press release confirms that Stormrise is also coming to PCs.
Commented on 2008-09-10 19:06:16
Looks really, REALLY gray and boring. I'd imagine that it's hard too keep track of which guys are your guys, judging from the trailer :P
Commented on 2008-09-10 20:19:59
thank god its an rts beacuse those graphics are really poor - the blood, clothes etc animation.. poorly executed... but after playing viking - i assume this will be a same crap game
edit: this looks even bad for a xbox ps2 game :)
Commented on 2008-09-10 21:07:12
I don't know why they mention 'rendered by the game engine' because it's nothing to be proud of. Looks so outdated, even if it is an RTS. And what a shameless copy of the Burmak. How the hell does someting like this found a publisher and Project Offset had to wait almost two years to find one? Ok, Project offset is an FPS, but it's the principle behind it. Are they blind?
Commented on 2008-09-10 21:08:52
rochedo: are you retarded or just plain old stupid? If this game looks like this while playing it's the hottest looking goddamn RTS ever, aside from the gray look.
Commented on 2008-09-10 21:31:11
your all graghic hores and even though itll probably look better craped out by a constipated elaphant with down-syndrome it better hope that gameplay can save it
in the end i might rent it but only if all other games on my list arent there

honestly game developers better start either bringing the bar up or seeking another profession now a days the games coming out either have to be hyped out thier butthole(too human) or have had great prequals to it (fable, gears...ect) or thay just better brake walls not thought of yet in video games
Commented on 2008-09-10 21:52:46
OK developers, when you realize your staff isn't quite as skilled as the other 3 dozen in a certain extremely popular genre and there's no possible way you can compete, why not trying MAKING SOMETHING DIFFERENT? It's not too hard, there's lots of genres that have been popular in the past but are getting NO ATTENTION anymore, and you're basically guaranteed better sales than if you're the worst maker in a popular genre (example Two Worlds on 360).
Commented on 2008-09-10 21:57:45
im not blind or retarted - its just the graphics... anyway im not into rts very much but i will rather pick up halo wars than this rip ensemble... btw thanks for calling me a retard just beacuse of crappy gfx
Commented on 2008-09-10 22:44:47
rochedo: I just don't understand how the gfx are crappy if this is an RTS? Sure the DESIGN is not brilliant but i don't see how this performs any less than, let's say, Halo Wars in the technical department. You have to imagine the game from a top down perspective and zoomed out a bunch.
Commented on 2008-09-10 23:15:15 In reply to pUMBa305
Posted by pUMBa305
your all graghic hores
no, but without actually PLAYING the game, its hard to give your opinion on gameplay. the reason everyone is commenting on the visuals is becasue thats all there is to see in the trailer.
Commented on 2008-09-11 00:50:07
Most of you say "graphics too bad, must be RTS"... but when I see any RTS nowadays, I just think: "My god, with this graphics.. 3D enviroment and models... just give me a firs person view and let me start killing people!!"

The end of the trailer was a disappointment when I saw it was a RTS :(
Commented on 2008-09-11 01:06:00
Dude, this actually looks pretty good for an RTS.
Commented on 2008-09-11 02:29:34
1. its an rts and second its not console exclusive. pcdvd shown at the end of the trailer. graphics are nice for an rts and the settings looks cool.
Commented on 2008-09-11 02:50:50
whatevr way you look at it it wont sell well in the cramped world of RTS especially with games like halo wars, and im not sure but either tc end war or cod world at war,spore, c&c red alert and a number of other rts games coming out this and next year
once agian why would tyou even try and market this
Commented on 2008-09-11 03:11:11 In reply to Jato
I love how gamersyde makes mistakes. So you know it isn't run by machines or anything xD

And yeah, it looks pretty impressive. Should be interesting to keep an eye out.
Commented on 2008-09-11 08:24:31 In reply to Ichi
Posted by Ichi
why not trying MAKING SOMETHING DIFFERENT? It's not too hard
its actually extremely difficult to do that. video games cost millions of dollars to make these days, so if you're on a tight budget enough with the game its too much of a risk to try to do something different because, quite frankly, people don't like different. so sure they could spend millions of dollars on making a unique game, but if they screw up they will probably go bankrupt (depending on the company). so they don't think its worth ruining a companies buisness because they know that gamers will buy it if it is (say that 5 times fast) familiar to them.

a lot of gamers are shallow and will just buy games because it has something like a cool title or it looks cool or they expected the game to be better but didn't turn out so well. they will not go for something unique unless it looks interesting, and originality is very hard to achieve in a game especially if you have things like hardware limitations.
Commented on 2008-09-11 12:04:07
It could be cool! I want to see more.
Commented on 2008-09-11 14:28:58
Just watched the trailer, wow!

I play a fair amount of Dawn of War, the graphics on this look amazing by comparison! Much more detail and life to the characters (though Dawn of War 2 looks to offset this gap quite a bit), and the brumak-type character? A healthy nod to a superlative game series. I wouldn't slit wrists over it...


I'll be grabbing this I think!

Blim, you might want to change the news heading just to stop people whinging over that fact it doesn't look as good as Resistance/GOW/my arse, etc...
Commented on 2008-09-11 15:46:40
after watching that, the beginning of the video made me rofl...hard! =D
Commented on 2008-09-12 14:43:08
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