X360, PS3 Thursday, May 17, 2007 | 10:09 AM

Sega Rally Revo images

Sega Rally Revo images

With DiRT is focusing on McRae's new own sport, Sega Rally Revo might be one of the last genuine in-the-woods rally game out there. Sega seems to like the idea of showing a 25% part of the *real* images, in weird resolutions, while releasing the full images a couple of weeks later. So, expect some more watchable versions of these soon.

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Commented on 2007-05-17 10:23:10
well, the one ingame screenshot do look rather nice (if abit milky/washed?). I'm really looking forward to seeing ingame movies of this so we can compare with DIRT, which we already knows looks killer. I know they won't play the same at all and will probably be great games in their own rights. I'm definitively looking forward to both games.

Yeah, and the STI looks killer (my fav, since I own a impreza myself ;))
Commented on 2007-05-17 10:28:01
those effects look badass
Commented on 2007-05-17 11:07:48
Can't wait for gameplay movies...
Commented on 2007-05-17 12:41:00
Waiting on some gameplay movies, Dirt looks insane and looks like fun, cant wait to see what this has to offer.
Commented on 2007-05-17 13:34:21
WOW! This AND Dirt ..can't wait!
Commented on 2007-05-17 13:48:56
thing is i want this game so bad,but im not excited as all these pics are bullshots
Commented on 2007-05-17 15:14:36

Picture one is new (for me) but the others are old (3-4 month)
Commented on 2007-05-17 18:48:21
I would very much like to see if these pics hold true, if so this could be the most impressive looking racer on the box.
Commented on 2007-05-17 20:08:29
I dont think itl feel as realistic as DiRT, still, hard to tell without gameplay footage, will have to wait and see :D
Commented on 2007-05-17 20:18:58
i hope this baby plays as good as the previous one on the DC
at least this will compensate for no Rallisport challenge so far
Commented on 2007-05-17 20:31:46
I'm going to be all pissed off if this turns out to be anything close to a simulation, but I wouldn't put it past Sega to kill yet another franchise.

Updated graphics and physics are looking awesome so far.

My most wanted rally game.
Commented on 2007-05-17 21:39:17
Please don't compare SEGA Rally with ANY other Rally / Rallye-Game :)
(except Graphics)

SEGA should better put in the Tracks from SEGA Rally (Arcade/SATURN Versions)!

1995 Baby!

Of course, the online Mode should be Standard since SEGA Rally online on SEGA SATURN (1995)

"Go go, SEGA Rally"
Commented on 2007-05-18 01:12:26
Gameplay trailers up over on gametrailers.com.

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