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SOMA gameplay and release date

SOMA gameplay and release date

The cryptic codes from the ARG have been cracked, mostly by Frictional Games forum members and reddit users, which lead to a 12 minutes-long gameplay video and a release date. The sci-fi horror title SOMA will hit PC and PS4 on September 22nd. Get a taste of what's happening in PATHOS-2 with the gameplay inside along with new screenshots. You can also learn a bit more by reading this.


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Commented on 2015-05-31 18:09:57
I really hope this becomes more mechanically interesting than what's been shown so far, cause it still seems like another Amnesia game with a sci fi setting. The themes of consciousness and story sound more interesting, like the robots thinking they're human.
Commented on 2015-05-31 22:21:32
I needs it. Looks great. And the premis is actually interesting for a change.
Commented on 2015-06-01 18:32:38
Still looks kind of boring to me. Interesting, but boring.
Commented on 2015-06-01 19:43:49 In reply to b0vril
Posted by b0vril
Still looks kind of boring to me. Interesting, but boring.
Surely that's an oxymoron?
Commented on 2015-06-01 20:14:59
Actually looks really amazing. Couldn't get into Amnesia really but I love this psycho sci-fi setting.
Commented on 2015-06-02 23:45:01 In reply to KORNdog
Posted by KORNdog
Surely that's an oxymoron?
I just mean that the A.I. stuff is interesting, but the game play looks kind of boring. I mean it doesn't look bad, I just don't think I care enough to play it.
Commented on 2015-06-03 13:05:05
Love it! This and MGS are a must buy for me! I think ADR1FT is promesing too.

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