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Some new images of Deus Ex HR

Some new images of Deus Ex HR

Eidos Montreal has released five new screens of Deus Ex: Human Revolution which its release date is still to be announced.

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Commented on 2011-02-24 18:48:23
New gameplay footage

It's not a looker from screens, but the lighting and colour palette come through. Still no release date?
Commented on 2011-02-24 19:16:16
Curious to see what it does to separate itself from games like Splinter Cell and Batman. Looks related definitely.

Hard to be excited for this with all the insane trailers dropped in the last few weeks.
Commented on 2011-02-24 19:24:29
hmmm.. the atmosphere and bloom effects are what make this look interesting... its not really that sharp on close inspection. still, Its pretty
Commented on 2011-02-24 19:54:22
Love the Art direction myself...
Commented on 2011-02-24 20:11:10
This looks way better than previous screenshots... maybe are screens from the pc version but there are far less jaggies and the textures look better all round than what I have seen in previous screens... maybe they actually fixed some things with that extra time...
Commented on 2011-02-24 20:14:48
Really can't wait for this game, I love the artdesign and music, gameplay seems ot be very fun, especially pulling off those stealth CQC moves...and going cloak :D
Commented on 2011-02-24 21:07:46
if this turns out as good as the previews suggest, then this could easily be my GOTY, deus ex is STILL the best multi-choice action RPG out there imo (Me1/2, KOTOR, jade empire, dragon age, fallout, elders scrolls)

it may not be much of a looker. but stylistically i love it. looks like they fixed the tiny head syndrome too...
Commented on 2011-02-24 21:11:15
i really want a solid framerate for this..and with the extra time they've been given theres no excuses for offering less.

Was playing Deus ex 2 on the old xbox not too long ago and its shocking how that passed any sort of quality literally crawls with the framerate at times
Commented on 2011-02-24 22:30:30
I don't care too much for FPS's these days. Yet this is my most anticipated game for the beginning of this year. Go figure.
I'll help you out, it isn't made by retards for retards :)
Commented on 2011-02-24 22:31:47
Only messing, my first post. I wanted to make an impact.
Commented on 2011-02-24 23:37:31
These screens are definitely an improvement, but I believe it is mainly due to the increased AA. As much as I love the series though, I am still keeping my expectations really low on this one. I LOVE the RPG aspects and varying approaches of the game, but just like in IW, the combat here looks off.

First, the cinematic, automatic kills look to really kill the immersion. I hate games that take you out of character in order to "show me something cool". If all I have to do is press X within 5 feet of any enemy and the camera swings out to show me tapping them on the shoulder and cold cocking them, I will be very disappointed in the hand to hand combat. Second, is the shooting. The enemies just look kind of off the way they react. They look like bullet sponges, and the death animations look weird. Also, the environment doesn't seem to be reactive at all. I don't need Red Faction level of destruction here, but shooting a cardboard box with a rocket should do SOMETHING.

Anyway, I am still looking forward to the game, but after IW, I was really hoping they would bring the combat aspect of the game up to par with the RPG aspects. Although they still have some time to improve it, to me it still looks substandard.
Commented on 2011-02-24 23:47:53
just going by the screens its apparent the graphics have improved a lot since last year
Commented on 2011-02-24 23:58:39
Well, i don't look at things too closely so that i can't enjoy them. I loved how cool it was to play Wanted for example. Great fun. This looks like a world i want to spend time in because of its art style, all gold and Blade Runnerish :) Nice graphics , great art style, and you get to be seriously kick ass without it being immature with some meat head shouting at you all the time like in every other FPS. Liking the subject matter of the story too.
Some people should just chill out about the technical stuff when a game is doing its best to offer you an interesting story, characters, and experience , wrapped in an artist's vision of that world. Be excited, looks goooood.
Commented on 2011-02-25 12:31:05
I found this screenshot interesting, commented on by a DX:HR forum member

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