PS2, XBOX Thursday, December 1, 2005 | 8:48 PM

Sonic Riders images

Sonic Riders images

Sega released these eight images of the PS2-version of Sonic Riders. Long time no see! It kind of makes me sad though, how the Sonic series goes Crash Bandicoot and Jak, but who knows - maybe it turns out well.

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Commented on 2005-12-01 21:00:10
Meh, I think this kind of games are pretty repetitive by now. It's always the same gameplay but new characters and damage effects of weapons. If I had Crash, I wouldnt care that another game like this came out, I would save my money.
Commented on 2005-12-01 21:04:55
sonic adventure 1 and 2 are the only sonic games that i like.. the ones that followed are not even close to em. the one coming out for xbox 360 looks like a sonic adventure 3, and can't wait to get it!
Commented on 2005-12-01 21:24:36
Wow...Sega is really taking their Sonic series downhill by just milking it. That Shadow The Hedgehog game was a disgrace. Why can't Sega just realize what fans want and make a great Sonic game and have some integrity? Hopefully that next version for 360 and PS3 does that. If not, I think they are going to find their short-term strategy biting them in the rear.
Commented on 2005-12-01 21:50:43
How about no more Mario or sonic? Those games may have been good back in the day but Jesus... I mean these guys have been going on for 10+ years{?) so Sonic would have died from Steroid addiction and Mario from diabetes and colestrol problems long ago.
Just let them die. They cant even retire now because they have fallen from greatness.
Commented on 2005-12-01 21:58:21
this generation gaming we can just throw in the trash. Got my 360 today and it is great!! it works perfectly and its been on for 6-7 hours in a row.
Sonic is getting a little old but I still like it if its a real sonic game not a shadow the hedgehog or tails pinball or whatever. Mario on the other hand is the king of platform and his adventure games are THE BEST!! noone can beat mario but mario sunshine was a big dissapointment.
Commented on 2005-12-01 22:07:12
Is it just me, or does this game remind you of Snowboard Kids 1 and 2 (for N64).
Commented on 2005-12-01 22:12:02
it reminds me of my childhood
Commented on 2005-12-01 22:19:00
It reminds me of Trickstyle, and it's supposedly pretty good, too. Granted, I am a hopeless Sonic fanboy who - yes - will be picking up Shadow just for the sake of it, but this has gotten some honest positive impressions from Gamespot and IGN both.
Commented on 2005-12-01 22:42:40
I hate what they've done to Sonic and Mario!

The first couple of original games were possibly some of the best and original games ever created of that era, but now they have both been milked dry and killed the franchise.

To regain any respect back they should make a 3D version of the original games, with the original side scrolling action.
Commented on 2005-12-01 22:48:51
It better be BC with the 360 or I'm going to be pissed.
Commented on 2005-12-01 23:48:01
"but now they have both been milked dry and killed the franchise."

How can you say that? Mario has had one slip up and that's Sunshine, the rest have been absolutely brilliant spanning 10 years. The next Mario game for the Revolution might very well be another pinnacle of gaming.
Commented on 2005-12-02 00:53:42
Screw this nonsense, bring on the next-gen Sonic!
Commented on 2005-12-02 01:12:05
WoOoOoOoOo the xbox 360 is out in the U.K
Commented on 2005-12-02 04:59:14
OK, the game might be decent, but haven't they heard of texture filtering?
Commented on 2005-12-02 05:38:15
lookz fun !!
Commented on 2005-12-02 07:49:44
Uhm, 3d remake of the old 2d classics? Are you crazy? I dont want to see the old sonic games in any form of 3d whatsoever
If anything I want to see another 2d sidescroller with more insane speed than the originals, crisper graphics and insane particle effects
Commented on 2005-12-02 14:29:30
Anyways, this is nothing new for Sonic (Remember Sonic Spinball and Sonic Shuffle? Probably not), and it's more than a little sad that someone feel's it's necessary to disgrace once great series' with these cash-ins. I don't know why Sega does this to Sonic anyways, unlike the Mario cash-ins, these Sonic spin-off's don't sell.
Commented on 2005-12-02 21:51:22
jesus.... since when the ps2 has pixelated textures?.... havent seen those since i last played on my old ps1
Commented on 2005-12-02 23:47:21 In reply to Tinks
Posted by Tinks
If anything I want to see another 2d sidescroller with more insane speed than the originals, crisper graphics and insane particle effects
yeah! too bad something like this will never happen...2d, no matter how well done, isn't popular.

anyway, let's just hope that new sonic-nextgen game turns out well.
Commented on 2005-12-03 00:48:54
2 things I want:

1. A sequel to Super Mario 64 on the Revolution.

2. A new Sonic Adventure game on the 360...not this "Sonic Riders"...
Commented on 2005-12-03 12:38:40
Sonic Rush is the game you're looking for Tinks and Denjinflash. Get a DS and Sonic Rush, it's totally worth it.
Commented on 2005-12-03 14:31:09 In reply to Denjinflash
Posted by Denjinflash
yeah! too bad something like this will never happen...2d, no matter how well done, isn't popular.
Marvel vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs SNK anyone?
Commented on 2005-12-05 03:36:14
even those are fairly dated now ;) 2d fighters are another thing anyway, and even that genre isn't doing as well as it used to....i would love for there to be a street fighter 4 or cvs3 instead of another tekken, or even soul calibur. at least we have guilty gear :D

and sonic rush! another reason to pick up a ds for me!
Commented on 2005-12-06 03:44:59
I've always love Sonic but with the new Shadow game and now this, I think I'll pass.
Commented on 2005-12-09 01:20:22
this looks like its running on ps1 lol

is this really ps2? maybe psp? :D

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