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Street Fighter IV trailer

Street Fighter IV trailer

Capcom today released a new CGI video of Street Fighter IV, showing the characters Chun Li and Viper. The game has yet to be confirmed for consoles.

Chun Li vs C Viper

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Commented on 2008-03-07 16:46:51
Really nice (untill Chun Li pulls that last move. It's classic i guess, but it just looks silly ;)).
Commented on 2008-03-07 17:05:57
looking at the stills really shows of how amazing this looks! I havent been excited about a beat em up in years - roll on console release!
Commented on 2008-03-07 17:31:17
But why in the gameplay screens does Chun Li look like they threw in a male stunt double?
Commented on 2008-03-07 18:19:05 In reply to Sinisterskull
Posted by Sinisterskull
But why in the gameplay screens does Chun Li look like they threw in a male stunt double?
qft , she looks like a shemale in gameplay , has arms and legs the size of a tree
Commented on 2008-03-07 20:15:19
Stream not working for me! :O
Commented on 2008-03-07 20:18:11
I've seen all the media, and at this point.. I still don't know what to think. I'll have to play it myself, but they just can't shake this CFJ+SFEX4 vibe.
Commented on 2008-03-08 19:02:21
I still weep for this series.
Commented on 2008-03-10 06:16:09
now if the game went with this art-style, something similar to okami, only more advanced with paint strokes flicking all over the place with every move, something quite original and unique, i'd have been more interested in the game. instead we get these deformed characters with stupid faces and giant eyeballs. i really dont like where this game has gone. its an evil, evil place that i dont want to be a part of.

should have stuck with 2D with some cool, HD anime style sprites imo. no re-hash like street fighter 2 HD. propper, new styled character art. street fighter has been the same for far too long, this should have been the time to give it a new jolt of life, but instead we get more of the same only somehow worse.
Commented on 2008-03-10 06:26:32
It's definitely not more of the same. I agree that newly drawn 2D sprites would have been killer, but then again, this is Capcom. They've used the same horribly low resolution Morigan sprite across nearly a dozen games. To top it off, key members of the Street Fighter staff have been long gone from Capcom for ages now, and they're looking to give this franchise a new life with a new fan base.. and the games producer has only ever been at the helm of one Capcom fighter's release, which is without a doubt the worst in their history.

I'll play it for sure, but they have some big shoes to fill. At this point I'm much more excited 'bout KOFXII.

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