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Stubbs The Zombie: screens and artworks

Stubbs The Zombie: screens and artworks

Stubbs the Zombie comes back with a pack of beautiful screenshots, showing a great use of its shaders-upgraded version of the Halo Engine. The graphics look nice and the background is quite fresh for an action game. Very promising !

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Commented on 2005-08-29 20:47:35
I wouldn't say VERY promising, it looks to have really slow gameplay.
Commented on 2005-08-29 20:52:24 In reply to Scarbir
I'm very confident about this game. Only Time will tell us if I was right :)
Commented on 2005-08-29 20:54:50
This game has "Last Hoorah!" written _ALL_ over it. Looks so genius. A defininte labor of love, and it shows.

Can't wait.
Commented on 2005-08-29 20:56:21
eeZee> Nothing more to say.
Commented on 2005-08-29 21:02:09
promising indeed, reminds me of Destroy All Humans a bit (which is good!) :)
Commented on 2005-08-29 21:12:01
Since when does slow equal bad, anyway? I think this may well be a brill little game.. and hey, noir themes means it can't possibly be all bad. :)
Commented on 2005-08-30 00:32:52
I personally, don't understand why this game is worth anything. How is this game fun?
Commented on 2005-08-30 02:33:38
Well so far it's mostly just images. I guess it gets better when people can actually play it. :)

From what's possible to gather from the info released it sounds like some kind of Second Sight clone with detachable zombie parts instead of psychic powers, wrapped in a fun 30/40s noir setting and with a potentially neat main character. Oh and probably some pretty good production values aswell.. seeing as it's all Bungie rejects and stuff.

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