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SW The Old Republic: new trailer

SW The Old Republic: new trailer

The Star Wars: The Old Republic Website offers Fate of the Galaxy, a new trailer from the upcoming MMORPG. The clip features in-game footage.
Update: from PAX East 2011: a look at gameplay from the Republic Flashpoint, Taral V, with developer commentary.

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Taral V Dev Walkthrough
Download: WMV HD | MP4 HD | AVI

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Commented on 2011-03-12 18:49:57
Excitement for this is progressively draining away from me. Graphically it looks crap, both in terms of art style and animation. Combat just looks janky.
Commented on 2011-03-12 18:50:52
Looks like it's gonna be really cool
Commented on 2011-03-12 19:43:31
Yeah, back in the summer of 2009, that Jedi vs Sith cinematic blew my mind (it was better than most of the new SW movies) and I decided then that would definitely buy this game.

But now, the change in graphics (it's all cartoony now) and the WoW inspiration makes me feel like this won't be my first MMO since Phantasy Star Online.
Commented on 2011-03-12 20:29:51
....It was always "all cartoony", that cinematic was CGI designed to drum up excitement for the game, not to represent it's look or it's style.

Really, we always knew it would be some crappy WoW clone designed to work on machines all the way down to pocket calculators. Tbh, there is nothing they have said that has been the least bit interresting, and every vid looks like generic WoW clone #723. The whole "but we have a story!!!" spiel they give is so trite, noone plays MMO's for the story, noone listens to the inane overblown NPC's or reads the pages of text for each quest so having that as your trump card is missing the point of MMO's entirely.
Commented on 2011-03-12 22:57:11
Can't wait for it now. Love the graphics and the style. It's finally taking shape. The new GDC videos impressed.
Commented on 2011-03-12 23:29:08 In reply to Tomarru
Posted by Tomarru
[...]we always knew it would be some crappy WoW clone[...]
No. Just no.
Do you know anything about MMOs aside from the obvious? If so, have you even played WoW? If so, what makes you say that The Old Republic is a WoW clone?
Actually, this is the rare occasion of a western developer making an MMO without trying to create the next WoW. It's giving the MMO players who are sick and tired of WoW a bit of hope.

Also, a "crappy" WoW clone? When exactly has Bioware (BIOWARE ffs!) come to be known for developing crappy games? Even if they were, as you were stating, making a WoW clone, it would certainly be a kickass one.

On another note, it's one thing to dislike the cartoony style of the graphics, but for an MMO, they look quite amazing, actually.
Commented on 2011-03-12 23:33:46 In reply to Slabs
Posted by Slabs
Excitement for this is progressively draining away from me. Graphically it looks crap, both in terms of art style and animation. Combat just looks janky.
What do you expect? This is an MMO, not some single player action/adventure game where all resources can be thrown into graphics and animation. If you're at all a PC gamer you'll know that MMOs are about gameplay, social interaction and teamwork, not graphics and animation. If that's what you want go play Oblivion.. wait. Oblivion is missing animation altogether. Go play Dragon Age.. wait. Dragon age is missing graphics altogether.
Commented on 2011-03-13 02:10:01
looking great and i am looking foward to it, and LULZ at the graphic whores in this thread, i for one am glad they re going with there own style and not this its goto be real life bullshit that so many muppets this gen are hooked on
Commented on 2011-03-13 08:36:46
so so excited for this game! only played one MMO in my life and that was Star Wars Galaxies, played frequently for 6 years then stopped as it began to grow too old for my taste and was losing a lot of its players. havnt played an MMO since, mostly not enough time to invest in such games. in fact, i havn't been doing much gaming this past year, but i am hoping this will bring back those fun times i had with Star Wars Galaxies and even more so as the old republic games have been my favorite RPG games. cannot wait for this
Commented on 2011-03-13 10:23:54
SWG was great! Apparently they have merged servers to bring population up and make it feel like pre-NGE levels of people for a more fun experience. =)
Commented on 2011-03-13 10:41:24 In reply to TyphoonS9k
Posted by TyphoonS9k
On another note, it's one thing to dislike the cartoony style of the graphics, but for an MMO, they look quite amazing, actually.
Thats part of the comparison to WoW though, cheap looking flat, poorly lit graphics style to appeal to the same people. As simple a MMO as possible, no sandbox elements, space sections that are completely linear and mini game like.

Also, i know a lot about MMO's, I play a lot of them, gonna be trying rift in a few days, and i will no doubt try TOR. But im under no illusions about what Bioware are doing and looking to achieve with TOR. They aren't reinventing the genre, they are copying the vast majority of MMO's out there and instead of focusing on the multiplayer aspect, doing quests together, creating your own adventure, diversity etc, they have decided to have a linear scripted story that by its very definition will end up being very similar to every player be the driving force of the game.

Also, for Bioware making crap games lately, see Dragon Age 2. No developer is perfect, and Bioware have been showing signs of mass stupidity lately.
Commented on 2011-03-13 12:22:09
I think its still too early to render much of a judgment, until some sort of beta is available. Thus far it offers a rudimentary class system with the usual roles. Combat looks choppy and not terribly integrated...but these are early stages. I dont think shooting for photorealism is a good idea, given that all but the very best of systems, still look pretty waxy. Additionally, if you want to have a broad player base, you need to have a more accessable tech lvl. The biggest pitfall (lately) for mmo's is their lack of content. Take the Final Fantasy editions: Gorgeous visuals, excellent combat/class system...however, zero story/content...and a god awful leveling system. The shipped version still felt like a beta. Age of Conan and Rift have felt the same way. Given it's bioware, we should get some awesome story....SHOULD, but its gonna be hard to be original in the Star Wars universe, and its going to be hard for bioware to not be terribly linear...cuz thats what they do. So here's to hoping. Finally, it looks like this is going to be a teenyboper lvl MMO. It would be rather nice to one day have an mmo on the same level of maturity as The Witcher. How about some fucking darkness in an MMO, how about a little more visceral consequence for being stepped on by some random giant?
Commented on 2011-03-13 13:32:20
Man can't wait for this! It's gonna be EPIC! Bioware FTW!
Commented on 2011-03-13 15:02:04 In reply to thesnake
Posted by thesnake
Man can't wait for this! It's gonna be EPIC! Bioware FTW!
What he said.
Commented on 2011-03-13 22:51:19
They should have gone with a new KOTOR, this sucks.
Commented on 2011-03-14 02:32:51
Lots of negative comments. People don't like reading pages of text for a mission, but when you have a style set up like Mass Effect, it's another story. You grow more developed into the story and keep wanting more.

It looks great and I hope it can deliver :)
Commented on 2011-03-15 12:41:11
That gameplay bit got me more interested in this. I hope it get space combat though at least on a par with SWG. That was one of the things that made the galaxy feel big.
Commented on 2011-03-17 00:54:23 In reply to Slabs
Posted by Slabs
Excitement for this is progressively draining away from me. Graphically it looks crap, both in terms of art style and animation. Combat just looks janky.
That excitement is due to two CGi story trailers that have image quality that is not even being attempted to get close to despite the ridiculous power of PC graphic cards over game consoles, its all just over hype to the extreme only Star Wars nerds who constantly forgive any developer who makes a crappy game and slaps Star Wars on it.

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