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System Shock launches on GOG

System Shock launches on GOG

Twenty-one years after its first release, the first System Shock is back thanks to Night Dive Studios who just unleashed on GOG System Shock: Enhanced Edition. The title comes with improvements such as mouselook, widescreen, and a high resolution display mode.

System Shock premieres on | Introducing the Enhanced Edition by Night Dive Studios

Including official mouselook and widescreen support.

Warsaw, September 22 - System Shock, the breakthrough FPS/RPG hybrid - one of the most influential video games ever produced - is back and enhanced, as Night Dive Studios unleashes yet another long-lost piece of gaming history on

On release, System Shock forever changed the face of action gaming - it ushered an era of storytelling, choices, and RPG elements - directly influencing all-time classics like Deus Ex and Bioshock. Today, the legend returns in better shape than ever.

"With System Shock: Enhanced Edition, we're implementing game-changing improvements, including mouselook, widescreen, and a high resolution display mode," says Stephen Kick, CEO of Night Dive Studios. "The classic game has never been more accessible to a modern audience."

The re-release supports resolutions up to 1024x768 (compared to the original 640x480), and a native 854x480 widescreen mode. Gameplay was also streamlined with a toggleable mouselook mode, including more intuitive inventory and item management. Combined with assorted bug-fixes and remappable controls, System Shock is now truly enhanced.

Some gaming experiences are truly worth preserving. Gamers can also return to the authentic 90's gameplay with System Shock: Classic - ready for modern systems, completely unaltered in all other aspects. Both releases are available in a single package, with a 40% discount for all System Shock 2 owners on - and 20% off for everyone. The discounted offer will last until Tuesday, September 29, 6:59 AM GMT.

Finally, please join Stephen Kick (Founder and CEO of Night Dive Studios) and Paul
Neurath (Creative Director at Looking Glass Studios, and industry veteran credited on System Shock 2, Thief, Neverwinter Nights and more) for an in-depth, roundtable discussion on the System Shock phenomenon and its many influences in game design to date - on - September 23, 6:00 PM CET, 4:00 PM GMT, 9:00 AM PDT, 12:00 PM EDT.

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Commented on 2015-09-22 17:41:27
Yes!!! This is such wonderful news!
A lot of people kept asking for this for so long, so glad it finally happened. Hopefully No One Lives Forever ends up happening too, eventually.
Commented on 2015-09-22 17:54:19
nice, amazing game that brought about ss2 my favourite rpg/horror/space/fps of all time, and @sdarts ha ah good othere people have played No one lives for ever also its great game, reminds me of my soldier of fortune days ... ha ha ha hopefully it will come gog
Commented on 2015-09-22 23:38:25
SoF!!! What a game that was :)
Commented on 2015-09-23 09:29:20 In reply to Sdarts
Posted by Sdarts
Yes!!! This is such wonderful news!
A lot of people kept asking for this for so long, so glad it finally happened. Hopefully No One Lives Forever ends up happening too, eventually.
Agreed. Boh NOLF titles are, to me, what FF VII is to most other people. Unfortunately it seems like we'll never see it again. See this article. to see why Night Dive was unable to make it hapen. Basically a bunch on BULLSHIT from both Activision and Warner Bros. It's a facinating yet depressing read. It's interesting because it kinda sheds light on how things work in the industry yet sad because we'll never see this FANTASTIC property resurrected.
Commented on 2015-09-23 21:38:09
I highly recommend this to anyone who hasnt played it yet.
Commented on 2015-09-24 13:34:52 In reply to Zat
Posted by Zat
I highly recommend this to anyone who hasnt played it yet.
I don't think I could get beyond the graphics.
Commented on 2015-09-24 16:38:01

Yes, the No One Lives Forever series is one of my most beloved in all of gaming, and I love Cate Archer, truly wish we had more gaming protagonists (both male and female) as great as her.
Night Dive Studios tried for years to bring back the NOLF games, but a lot of bureaucracy and ill will made them give up on it. Hopefully one day someone will be able to bring them back.

I still remember the Soldier of Fortune games back in the day, they were amazing and that was a franchise who knew what it was and was comfortable with it - except for the last game on the PS3/X360 generation, which tried to be something else and failed miserably.


I read that article when Gamersyde posted in the news section, it broke my heart and it really made me sad for a while. There's a lot of BS like this and even worse than this that happens in the background, this is not only true for the companies in the gaming industry, but almost any big company in any industry. I still believe one day someone will be able to bring them back, we just have to wait till then.


I won't lie to you, the graphics look like shit by today's standards, but the story and the gameplay are still some of the greatest - if you like this type of game - even after all these years.

I can't tell you how much you would be able to enjoy the game with these graphics and, by now, antiquated gameplay design and mechanics, but I can tell you that the System Shock games are better than a lot of games that are released today.

I would at least encourage you to try it, I know you would need to buy it, but even if you didn't like it, at least you would be helping Night Dive Studios keep their doors open. They're one of the very few companies who still care for great games of the past and they deserve all the support they can get.
Commented on 2015-09-24 19:28:23 In reply to b0vril
That´s a pity. It´s a great game. But I understand. But IMO System Shock is the real masterpiece. But I doubt You would get over it´s graphics as well. :-D If You want to just try it, I think it´s free as an abandonware. DosBox needed.

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  • Seth
    Seth i still think the mastermind itagaki has secretly worked on this game lol :D (27 minutes ago)
  • Seth
    Seth Seeing some so called ''souls vets'' giving up, without learn the posture system, cuz no overlevel/co-op/iframes abusing/backstab - sogood.gif (28 minutes ago)
  • Seth
    Seth 20hrs in and 11 bosses defeated (2 main,9 optional - only one of them was shit yay!), this is the ninja game i've been waiting since NG days bruhs. Loving its depth of all mechanics. (32 minutes ago)
  • Loakum
    Loakum @Melmoth: Yelp, it's all about perry and attack with that guy. (5 Hours ago)
  • Melmoth
    Melmoth This is the closes (setting) i've seen to my old fav. Irem's Ninja Spirit that i've seen. Feudal japan mixed with From's superb bosses also makes me think about Madhouse's Ninja Scroll. (7 Hours ago)
  • Melmoth
    Melmoth only played the first area (after the prologue), and it's more openworld-ish than the other From games. very vertical , and wider play area. (7 Hours ago)
  • Melmoth
    Melmoth @asdfg: The first miniboss felt like something they put in there to tell soulspeople that "don't play it like it's souls". i got whooped seriously when i tried to dodge the guy,. (7 Hours ago)
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