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TGS05: Second Kameo video

TGS05: Second Kameo video

As promised here comes the second Kameo video. Let me warn you first, this one shows most of the warriors available in the game in their most advanced form (at 2:27 mn) and so can be considered as a spoiler for some. Just don't complain to me and enjoy this incredible diversity in creatures and powers available. More to come later.

TGS05: Warriors (spoilers !)
Download: AVI

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Commented on 2005-09-17 04:25:19
Wow...that looks truely amazing. Btw im new to Xboxyde and I just want to say that this site is the best xbox site I have been to thus far, keep up the great work guys! :)
Commented on 2005-09-17 04:38:10
OMG i dont' know if i should watch it :S...... I'll just download it.... and... not watch it.... Ya that's it!
Commented on 2005-09-17 04:46:12
Awsome!!!!!! Hey BlimBlim! Got a question for you. Will there be Top Spin 2 at TGS05?
Commented on 2005-09-17 05:02:03
Awsome..did not realise just how many creatures Kameo could transform into. Excellent.
Commented on 2005-09-17 05:18:02
Commented on 2005-09-17 06:34:56

I needed to see that.
That's gameplay in it's purest form, and is exactly what will make me buy this game.

I'm sure they are just touching on the characters, and the ways their abilities can interact.
After playing the game I bet we will find TONS more that will make our heads spin.
Commented on 2005-09-17 07:13:27
WOW WOW WOWOWOWOOW, amazing. I need this game too now. Thanks for the hardwork Blim.
Commented on 2005-09-17 07:18:08
Next-Gen Graphics? don't care, this game have charisma.

Any information about how many levels will have the game?
Commented on 2005-09-17 07:18:11 In reply to tenniswack88
Posted by tenniswack88
Awsome!!!!!! Hey BlimBlim! Got a question for you. Will there be Top Spin 2 at TGS05?
Commented on 2005-09-17 07:27:29
Most impressive game I've seen on the 360 so far. Looks beautiful and looks like it would be a blast to play.
Commented on 2005-09-17 08:26:05
None of my video players (including Media Player Classic) is able to play the video. Am I missing some codec?
Commented on 2005-09-17 08:27:35 In reply to Mazakuk

And if your MPC goes through strange issues, try Winamp.
Commented on 2005-09-17 10:02:23 In reply to Snoopers
Posted by snoopers
And if your MPC goes through strange issues, try Winamp.
I have ffdshow installed, and the video is still a purple mess.
Commented on 2005-09-17 10:47:40
I tried reencoding it to half the size, 320*180 which is barely viewable, and still got this crazy 80 MB size. As the main video should ve viewable on most of the computers (as it's "only" 640*360), I guess there won't be a small version for this. But I guess I can reencode it again and put it up, if there are some interest, if some of you guys are struggling getting the first one running on your computers.
Commented on 2005-09-17 10:59:51 In reply to Snoopers
Not even WinAmp plays the video correctly.
Commented on 2005-09-17 12:35:32
damn this is unbelievable this game is gonna be SWEET!
Commented on 2005-09-17 12:52:06
Amazing! :o

BlimBlim, will you release more in-game from Kameo today?
Commented on 2005-09-17 13:10:02 In reply to InjaT
He will certainly do soon. I mean, I hope so :)
Commented on 2005-09-17 14:19:13
I shouldn't have watched that! :(

Whoever said Rare have lost it needs to be covered in oil and set alight! ;)
Commented on 2005-09-17 15:06:14
We need some video on the underwater level, that would be awesome to see. Great work BlimBlim.
Commented on 2005-09-17 18:57:39
That really is amazing.

I think I'm gonna get this instead of PGR3.

It's just... awesome.
Commented on 2005-09-17 19:28:22
The whole thing is 42 minutes long and is up on Gamespot.
Commented on 2005-09-17 22:30:21
I love Flex his slam dunk move :p
Commented on 2005-09-18 01:12:51
Is that the water guy?

He was so awesome.

My favourite character is ice gorilla guy, don't know his name. He's so cool (no pun intended) and the throwing ice shards is just plain mental :D.
Commented on 2005-09-18 01:39:07
The whole video on Gamespot is out of this world! Well done to Xboxyde for giving us all the latest and greatest stuff :D i love you!

1st post but been viewing this site for some time now!
this game is defo on my xmas list! that video of nearly 4000+ monsters on screen at once is insane! w00t w00t! xbox 360 is gonna pwn!

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