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TGS08: Flower gameplay

TGS08: Flower gameplay

Another Playstation 3 game at the TGS08 expo was Flower, where you control the game by tilting the Sixaxis.

TGS08: Gameplay off-screen (no sound)
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Commented on 2008-10-13 17:00:34

Look cool.
Commented on 2008-10-13 19:10:20
Great stuff, flying petals Woooooooooo....
Commented on 2008-10-13 19:25:28
I could hardly contain myself, I was like Weeeeee then Whooosh, Zoom Zoom!!!

..seriously I don't get it.
Commented on 2008-10-13 19:49:30
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Commented on 2008-10-13 20:07:44 In reply to TheFuriousOne
You have to be in a special state of mind :)
Commented on 2008-10-13 20:35:22
Looks like a pointless tech demo to me...
Commented on 2008-10-13 20:59:15
definately strange, but i think it'd be a nice "game" to just kick back and chillax with.
Commented on 2008-10-13 21:33:17
Interesting... but is it still interesting after 5 mins?
Commented on 2008-10-13 21:45:24
Guys it's a not a boring tech demo, take a look at this

This game looks fantastic imo, i really can't wait to chek this out, and graphics look impressive aswell even if they are made very simple.
Commented on 2008-10-13 23:56:07
You're a petal, flying around collecting more petals....................................................................just wtf?! maybe, just maybe if they gave you rainbows and flying pink hippos with crazy hippy music, I can't even see how it would last 5mins, graphics are alright for what it is, a big grass field with some rocks and couple flowers here and there, the petals don't even look great. If this had something to ACTUALLY do in the game then I'd be amazed by the graphical output but otherwise it look's boring as hell.
Commented on 2008-10-14 01:45:58 In reply to Blue_Eagle44
its not trying to be a "game" in the strictest sense of the word tho, its more a visual and sound based "experience"... think REZ without the trancy look and sound. its DESIGNED to be a chilled out, relaxing experience, and thats exactly what it is, if you expected anything beyond that you only have yourself to blame for expecting too much.
Commented on 2008-10-14 02:17:47
after trying linger in the shadows and getting all the trophies in less than an hour, i'm up for it.:D
Commented on 2008-10-14 02:39:20
Well that's just thuper!
Commented on 2008-10-14 04:48:08 In reply to KORNdog
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Commented on 2008-10-14 05:12:48
It looks like a mix between flOw and PixelJunk Eden - controls the same as flOw, use the sixaxis to move, collect things to make yourself bigger (the petal stream) and the more petals you gain, the more vibrant your garden gets, and I guess you have to grow your garden big enough to unlock certain goals or token to achieve, just like PixelJunk Eden.

In some of the trailers on gametrailers, it looks like there's some real puzzle elements to it though, we're you'll have to fly through rocks and stuff. Looks like an interesting title though, espescially if it retails at £3.49 like flOw did.
Commented on 2008-10-14 10:16:19
Actually, even more, after watching those movies - looks like there are flowers that act like boost when you move through them, and then rings of flowers that when you hit all of them, activates wind in certain directions, unlocking further things - I reckon there'll be a lot more to this game in terms of a puzzler than meets the eye.
Commented on 2008-10-14 10:25:36
When is it game over? lol
Commented on 2008-10-14 11:36:41 In reply to droezelke
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Commented on 2008-10-14 14:55:45
Beautifull but boring as hell
Commented on 2008-10-14 15:03:41
yeah, pretty grass.
Commented on 2008-10-14 16:59:21
Finally, a game for potheads. Include a free bag of doritos with purchase and I'm there. LOL
Commented on 2008-10-14 18:44:46
I'd rather have another PilotWings >___<
Commented on 2008-10-14 19:08:32
it looks like its a game to relax like africa. i hope it wont be overpriced, then i might buy it
Commented on 2008-10-15 05:33:37
I wonder if the game will support custom soundtracks and then the music could affect the gameplay.
Commented on 2008-10-16 11:32:38
I think that its got to be more interesting if it be a canabbis fields )))
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