WII Saturday, October 11, 2008 | 12:35 PM

TGS08: Gameplay of Let's Tap

TGS08: Gameplay of Let's Tap

Yuji Naka, the lead programmer of the first Sonic game, and his team Prope announced Let's Tap for Wii this week, and here is some gameplay of it.

TGS08: Gameplay off-screen (no sound)
Download: WMV | MP4 | AVI

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Commented on 2008-10-11 14:07:04
It looks really fun! lol @ when the girl won.
Commented on 2008-10-11 16:52:16
Mmmm... oh sorry, I got sidetracked from the game. I was watching something else ;) It looks fun... both of them. Ho hoho
Commented on 2008-10-11 20:43:14

yes, but no, but yes. You just place yer wii-mote on the box? Is it THAT sensitive to motion?!
Commented on 2008-10-11 22:41:56
Are you kidding me?
Commented on 2008-10-12 08:53:24

Let's tap indeed >.<
Commented on 2008-10-13 03:46:12
sucks if you lose the box...lol

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