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The Crew 2 final build

The Crew 2 final build

The Crew 2 is now officially available to all those who purchased the gold edition of the game, but we've been playing since the end of the afternoon on PC, which allowed us to unlock some new races. Here's the third extreme race you can take part in after reaching a certain level of fame. We didn't have much time to practice, so it's not a perfect run by any means, but we enjoyed it anyway. More content to come later, so if there is anything you'd like to see in particular, let us know.
Update 3: We take it off-road in our 2 new videos. All assists were on during the race but we turned them off and lowered the rear tire grip when we switched to freeride.

A brief reminder of the previous updates of the article

Update 1: One video added, this time showing us behind the wheel of a Mercedes between Las Vegas and San Francisco. Enjoy the engine sound!
Update 2: 2 videos added, one of which showcases a plane that is more difficult to handle without any assists than the one we're offered for free in the beginning.

Extreme race #3 (PC/ultra/1440p)
Mercedes freeride (PC/ultra/1440p)
Plane race (PC/ultra/1440p)
Aston Martin street race (PC/ultra/1440p)
Rallycross (PC/ultra/1440p)
Rally car freeride (PC/ultra/1440p)

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Commented on 2018-06-26 12:16:36
Is it different from the beta?
Commented on 2018-06-26 17:25:34 In reply to Xoar
It may be a bit easier in normal mode, but maybe that's just because I spent quite a lot of time on the beta and I got better.

Other than that, you simply get access to more content and you don't need to repeat the same races to make money. It's quite varied for the moment (I'm 6 hours into the final build).
Commented on 2018-06-27 17:23:00
Normal even easier? I didnt think it could get easier on Normal. What about Hard it was mentioned that Hard was too hard on the beta and Normal way to easy has Hard been toned down? Also how do you select Hard?
Commented on 2018-06-27 17:43:07 In reply to Xoar
You can only select hard after you beat the race in normal mode. You can choose just before the event starts. Because of the RPG system which is still at the core of the experience, the difficulty depends on your level when you try, which isn't a really good thing in my opinion because there is nothing above hard as far as I know.
Commented on 2018-06-27 19:44:25 In reply to Driftwood
This is the only site I can really go to for lossless gameplay videos that are above 1080p so I can get a real picture of what games are like outside of YouTube's nasty compression. I'd rather you guys stick around and continue uploading quality videos because I don't mind which game it is, it's the fact that it's still better than YouTube's unreliable compression and I even bought a new 32 GB USB stick just so I have enough storage on hand to enjoy lossless gameplay videos from you guys. Please stay motivated so people can get quality videos @Driftwood
Commented on 2018-06-27 20:30:00 In reply to WiiNextGen
I know, thanks. It's not always as easy as it might seem, but I realize I should not take things so personally, especially when it's no big deal. Creating content takes time, I wish people could understand that when we put up many videos, there usually is a point, and it's not that we're trying to push a game because we like it. Aside from the fact that it is sadly true that the hundreds views we get on YouTube for those videos are a lot compared to what we usually have, in a game like TC2, there are so many different categories to showcase that I simply wanted to make sure you all could see as much of the game as possible to make your own opinion about it.

On a side note, we have plans for a livestream with one of The Crew's fathers Stéphane Beley. It's not because we want to talk about the game even more, it's because we want you to be able to talk to a developer and exchanges thoughts and ideas with him. Now obviously, since very few people follow our livestreams in English (which I can understand, there are not really interesting - and they're pretty rare too) and not a lot of people here seem to be that curious about TC2 (which I can also understand, game is far from being perfect), I'm having second thoughts when it comes to doing an English livestream. So basically, if people reading this believe it might be of interest to them, let me know so we can skip it or schedule it in the days to come.

I apologize to all if I may look grumpy or edgy, it's not really what it is, but it can be a tad hurtful to see that people attribute intentions that are not mine to me. In times like this where it's difficult to have a truly satisfying number of visitors with homemade videos (which again is understandable, what do we have to offer other than image quality), it can be a little discouraging for davton and I. We're not looking for praises, we don't expect people to thank us all the time, but we don't want to feel useless I guess. :)

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