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The Darkness images

The Darkness images

2K Games released these images of The Darkness (in a weird resolution), during Comic-Con. The game is being shown at the floor, and is supposed to look really impressive.

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Commented on 2006-07-22 12:07:48
i dont know. somehow i expected a tiny bit more from the makers of riddick. it looks good but its not a giant leap ahead of everything we've already seen.

just my $ 0.02
Commented on 2006-07-22 12:08:55
i agree - a little underwhelming so far...
Commented on 2006-07-22 12:14:47
I have to agree - the last screens looked a lot better (just look ath the second picture) . .... ---> http://www.xboxyde.com/gallery_3574_en.html#
Commented on 2006-07-22 12:18:16
Still much to do. But I think final version will be very differens.
Lots of game kinda look ok or crap from begin.
Commented on 2006-07-22 12:26:17
have seen the new trailer and it follows the comic books some what, the game isnt finished yet it may be good or bad nobody really know yet.
Commented on 2006-07-22 12:28:20
Their saying DVD isn't enough space for them? This isn't even on par graphics wise with Mass Effect. I dunno I liked Riddick, but this seems so bland.
Commented on 2006-07-22 13:02:06
Can't go by screenshots, everyone that's seen it moving, everyone that's seen what the game is going to offer, is saying great things. Heavy FPS with supernatural powers and minions. Sounds good to me.
Commented on 2006-07-22 13:03:45
Hmm looks like they lowered the resolution of these pics, and didn't use any AA, the last screens definitely looked better....wonder what happened.
Commented on 2006-07-22 13:38:21
DVD isn't enough space for them? Tell Cliffy that, GoW textures wipe the floor with these.

I think devs that complain about "not having enough space" are usually just lazy devs.
Commented on 2006-07-22 13:52:03
This looks good, hope we see a ingame trailer.
Commented on 2006-07-22 14:03:05
anyone saying they don't have enough space or anything to that effect is lying and very in-efficient with the space they have... any self respecting developers are doing just dandy with everything the system has to offer right now, and atleast for the time being there should be no complaining... atleast 'till games get to 30gigs like Sony is predicting with the Blue-ray...
Commented on 2006-07-22 14:12:08
Looking sweeet!
Commented on 2006-07-22 14:38:28
This message is in "Boulet Time" (TM), If you still *really* want to see it, click here

Commented on 2006-07-22 14:44:29
hopefully my countrymen will pull it all together.. hopefully
Commented on 2006-07-22 14:46:52
They say this game has this cool aiming system, you can also see the trailer here. That is if u have not seen it, its from E3 05'. http://www.1up.com/do/previewPage?cId=3152360
Commented on 2006-07-22 15:28:50
This looks really great in my opinion.
Commented on 2006-07-22 15:42:57
Why is my message in boulet time.
Commented on 2006-07-22 15:45:13
Game is going to be awesome!!
Commented on 2006-07-22 15:51:30
Probably because reading it gives the impression that you never attended your namesake.

Heh, feel free to boulet time this as it doesn't add anything to the topic's discussion.
Commented on 2006-07-22 15:58:25 In reply to Ronsauce
Posted by Ronsauce
Probably because reading it gives the impression that you never attended your namesake.

Heh, feel free to boulet time this as it doesn't add anything to the topic's discussion.
Kool the game looks good lmao.
Commented on 2006-07-22 17:19:57
Looks good..

I hoped the game would have a third person perspective though..
Commented on 2006-07-22 17:26:24
The game itself could definitely easily fit on a single DVD (especially if they used megatextures, and proc synth, for example) but for some reason they insist on having entire motion pictures included in this game so you can watch them on a tv.

That's a cool feature and all..... but the devs can't exactly bitch about not having enough space on a DVD when they're filling up all the space there is with stuff that doesn't even relate to the gameplay.
Commented on 2006-07-22 17:53:37
I think it looks quite good actually. But, personally I've just gotten really tired of these dark 'doom-sque' looking games with hard black shadows. A really nice HDR lighting engine on top of these nice models and textures would look very, very impressive I believe.

And those saying you need hard shadows/blackness to make a setting spookie should go back to artschool...
Commented on 2006-07-22 18:44:56
Is the Riddick engine? (or the engine Riddick used, dunno if they made it from scratch)

Because it doesn't look any better than Riddick. While Riddick looked great on the last gen it won't do any good next gen. It's still a work in progress, i'm sure they'll work it out.
Commented on 2006-07-22 19:48:09
I'd be extremely careful doubting how great this game looks.

Also yea they are running all these damn movies on televisions just filling up the dvd etc. I think this game from earlier screens looks pretty damn impressive actually so we should be careful about judging it too harshly just yet.
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