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The first 10 minutes: Call of Duty 3

The first 10 minutes: Call of Duty 3

At first I didn't want to put these videos online on the english version of the site, but a few people asked me to so there there are. So these 2 videos are the 2 parts of the first 10 (actually 15) minutes of Call of Duty 3, but unfortunately it's the french version with no way to play it in english so you'll have to live with the quite bad french voices. Anyway, as far as the actual game is concerned it's quite good. The engine as been quite optimized since COD2 and runs at a rather good 60fps most of the time. The gameplay is mostly the same as COD2, and it certainly does feel more like an expansion pack than an actual sequel, but the fans of the series certainly won't mind.

The first 10 minutes: Call of Duty 3 (French !)
The first 10 minutes : Call of Duty 3 part 2

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Commented on 2006-11-20 16:36:09
Bought it a couple days back.
Great game! Online is fun too
Commented on 2006-11-20 16:57:38
Blim, is the game rendered @720p or at some lower res? Are rumours right?

As always excelent quality:)
Commented on 2006-11-20 17:00:27
Whats wrong Blim ?? you aren't excited about CoD3?? perhaps FEAR set the bar to high ;)

thnx for vids
Commented on 2006-11-20 17:19:03
Great game, best intro level for quite a while.

Problem is i can't connect to ANY online match so far, * Sigh * waiting for a patch to be released to fix this.
Commented on 2006-11-20 17:37:28 In reply to Winter_wolf
Posted by Winter_wolf
Great game, best intro level for quite a while.

Problem is i can't connect to ANY online match so far, * Sigh * waiting for a patch to be released to fix this.
Sometimes I have that problem, what I do is to choose custom, and leave all on ANY. You then get a list of current games with different maps / amount of players etc that you can choose. Hope that helps you out.
Commented on 2006-11-20 17:43:25
the game looks fantastic i dont understand why you would,nt want to put them on site I am english , the first game was great ,allthough this game looks harder to play.
Commented on 2006-11-20 18:01:37
Wow, what a mayhem.
Commented on 2006-11-20 18:17:39
If they put some effort into textures it would look so good. I mean, look at how solid all textures look.. so blend
Commented on 2006-11-20 18:45:43
Thanx for the help Xboxslut, but still doesn't work, better change my ISP i guess.
Commented on 2006-11-20 20:10:38
What, pay $60 for an expansion?! In that case, if it doesn't feel like a proper sequel (and how could it, it's not done by Infinity Ward) HOW LONG IS THE SINGLE-PLAYER CAMPAIGN? I've played COD 2, and it took me a good 10 hours when playing on 2nd hardest difficulty setting (hardest being veteran which is like impossible).
Commented on 2006-11-20 20:43:49
The game looks awesome... just everything happening around you and all the craziness.
Commented on 2006-11-20 20:55:35
Me likes! Character look very good, especially shadows on them. Not that you have much time to admire them in the middle of combat.
Commented on 2006-11-20 21:00:58
I'm not impressed either by this game. If this is next-gen, then I'm staying with my PS2.
Commented on 2006-11-21 00:39:48
Blim.. what's your thoughts on multiplayer? I love COD2 on Live and I'd definately consider getting this game if the online portion is just as good as COD2.
Commented on 2006-11-21 00:45:27 In reply to davidnay
Posted by davidnay
Blim.. what's your thoughts on multiplayer? I love COD2 on Live and I'd definately consider getting this game if the online portion is just as good as COD2.
It's supposed to be even better, and what I've picked up from the reviews, this is where the game truly shines, it's supposed to be really good from what I've gathered...
Commented on 2006-11-21 02:22:35
i think this looks rather good. even if the game setting is a bit over used. I don't feel the need to buy this one after COD2, but i am impressed at the graphicall improvements and the animation improvements.
Commented on 2006-11-21 11:17:13
This game is fantastic and it is next-gen next to cod2. If you dont play it you will miss another fantastic game.
Your choice tho
Commented on 2006-11-21 12:21:33
ok this is loads bettert than all the other call of dutys,the online is great,u can drive tanks,motorbikes and that.the campaign was non stop crazy action that i didnt see in cod2,i did 2 lvls of cod2 but i completed this in about 15 hours on hard,well worth the money.
u go on about the textures,believe me,when u load this baby up,u dont even notice,it runs so smooth with the amount of stuff going on, example building collapsing,boms 100s of people fighting,its great
Commented on 2006-11-21 14:57:48
this game is quite amazing visually. after playing GoW for a while, i was even still impressed with this game with it's self shadowing, high resolutions shadows, great textures and a very very sharp look running at 60fps. this game just looks beautiful on my 21 inch CRT monitor. wow
Commented on 2006-11-21 23:34:03
Thanks for this videos, im trying to buy it. :D
Commented on 2006-11-23 18:55:39
Wow 60fps looking too good.

Blim you just sold me on this game

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