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The first 10 minutes: Chromehounds

The first 10 minutes: Chromehounds

At first announced on Xbox, then canceled, then finally announced for 360, Chromehounds has a rather long history now. Well it's now finally available in Japan and Europe, and even if my full impressions will have to wait until I've played the game a bit more, here are the first 10 minutes of the game, showing a CG cutscene and the full totorial level. More videos in the next few days. The game runs at 60 fps, so do the videos. A powerful PC is required for the 720p version!

The first 10 minutes : Chromehounds (parts)
Download: AVI HD
The first 10 minutes : Chromehounds (parts)
Download: AVI

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Commented on 2006-06-30 22:43:18
Thanks for the vids blim
Commented on 2006-06-30 22:55:25
Damn the game runs at 60fps. Maybe they should have add a lot more things in the environment. The Prey demo is up. I wonder if you could do a short video on that. It's a huge download too, at 1.17GB.
Commented on 2006-06-30 22:59:17
I think it runs at 60fps because they are so few things in the environment. I want this game now.
Commented on 2006-06-30 23:04:52
I thought the demo was pretty crap tbh.
Commented on 2006-06-30 23:17:57
you are a true hero, blim!
Commented on 2006-06-30 23:56:42
Well just watch the video and it looks alright i mean good might give it a try.

Nice to see how the game start, nice 1 blim.
Commented on 2006-07-01 00:04:54
I just got to watch the video and that intro looks as good as MGS4 (is it real time ?)
Commented on 2006-07-01 00:38:07 In reply to Jollipop
Posted by Jollipop
I just got to watch the video and that intro looks as good as MGS4 (is it real time ?)
I don't think so :/
Commented on 2006-07-01 01:29:04
70% of this game is multiplayer the demo should of had some of that, the devs mentioned the the single player preparing you for the persistent world online play
Commented on 2006-07-01 02:40:13
Apparently this game is popular in Japan and they are even forming clans, I can't wait for more impressions.
Commented on 2006-07-01 03:05:15
Wow screw what I said in that other thread I'm really satisfied with this game graphically.

The texture work is nothing amazing on the environments, but surely acceptable. I'll be downloading the demo later on tonight. The texture work is pretty damn acceptable in my eyes! Everything really comes together when this thing is blown up to a bigger resolution.

I'm most definetly buying this game now and I'll enjoy seeing it on my huge HDTV!
Commented on 2006-07-01 03:09:48
oh god I played the demo of this game and Ill never play it again. Its so slooowww! I dont understand why they give the Mech legs, but the Mech cant jump, cant jumpjet, cant boost, and cant even run!!! All you can do is walk, slowly across the dull level, back and forth, trying to find enemies. It takes about 10 minutes to reach each end of the map, thats how slow it moves. The gfx are not really great either, especially since they have to show a CG video for the intro, which just makes the actual game look even worse when you play it.
Commented on 2006-07-01 03:16:59
I don't care people are much too demanding its slow I know (the traveling speed of the mech), but I'll accept that walking speed anyday I don't care how long it takes to get anywhere. Those are the types of mechs they are... not some super mechs capable of going extremely fast whenever they feel like it. We even saw in the first trailer of the game that the mechs were moving slowly over a huge battlefield this game rocks and is sure as hell all about the multiplayer.

I mean they are no different than the huge things you see in star wars those things move extremely slow as well.

This 720p video cemented my decision to get it I don't care how empty the levels may appear to be or how non amazing the graphics are I'm purchasing this one :) They did a good job texture wise it isn't amazingly detailed, but its done to such a degree where its acceptable. The only true complaint is that there isn't more destroyed stuff around. If there was some huge war where is the results of it? I don't see any torn up buildings any destroyed artifacts thats where it falls short for me, but I'll buy this baby just for the multiplayer and I'll even have fun with the singleplayer regardless of how long it may take or how easy it'll be.

If we want fast mechs wait for armored core :)

To be honest if the texture work for the outdoor environments in Blue Dragon are equal to what I see for the floor and stuff in this 720p video then I'll be 100% satisfied. Of course Blue Dragon is expected to fill those environments with more beautiful stuff of course. Seeing what these guys did at managed to stay at 60fps imagine had they decided to go for 30fps and toss in more visual effects? :)
Commented on 2006-07-01 04:50:26
You can play the demo. Just make a silver account and set the region or language to Japan. There you have it, the chromhounds demo.
Commented on 2006-07-01 07:40:50
I really think it looks great, and the heavy teamorrientedness is really turning me on.
Commented on 2006-07-01 07:57:40
Same I think it looks great as well.
Commented on 2006-07-01 10:05:23
i really loved the demo
Commented on 2006-07-01 10:49:18
I enjoyed the demo also.

I still think those intro's are real time you can see polygons and low textures in it, i doubt that would happen in CGI FMV.
Commented on 2006-07-01 11:05:41
They definitely aren't realtime.
Commented on 2006-07-01 13:43:47
This game looks great in screenshots and some movies (where there's a LOT going on) but the demo didn't impress me at all gameplay-wise. It didn't hold my interest for more than 5 minutes. Speaking of the walking speed, am I going mad or do you actually walk faster in water than you do on land? Maybe it's just smaller quicker steps so it's deceiving.
Commented on 2006-07-01 15:23:42 In reply to BlimBlim
Posted by BlimBlim
They definitely aren't realtime.
rest assured that the intro IS realtime.
Commented on 2006-07-01 16:06:22 In reply to PRIMER
Posted by PRIMER
rest assured that the intro IS realtime.
Well it's easy to make a FMV look not so good if you simply use lowertextures and lowerpolygon models, the effects in the intro looked a little better than in the game and that scene with all those buildings is for sure not possible in game. So it probably used some of the ingame assets but took advantage of the non realtime environment to throw in volumetric effects, postrendering effects, and tons of objects.
Commented on 2006-07-01 16:09:27 In reply to PRIMER
Posted by PRIMER
rest assured that the intro IS realtime.
Do you have any proof (confirmation from From Soft of Sega)?

If it's indeed true, then hopefully MGS4 won't have the same downgrade in graphics between cut-scene and actual gameplay.
Commented on 2006-07-01 17:15:49 In reply to szaromir
Posted by szaromir
Do you have any proof (confirmation from From Soft of Sega)?

If it's indeed true, then hopefully MGS4 won't have the same downgrade in graphics between cut-scene and actual gameplay.
Well that doesn't make sense.

If the intro is real time the only reason it looks better than in game is because it is scripted, same would be true for MGS4. (so i doubt MGS4 will look as good in game as it does in cutscenes)

I don't know why they would use HD-FMV which would probably take up more space than a scripted demo.
Commented on 2006-07-01 18:49:54
Nice. Shadowing, lighting, explosions ad dirt-kick-up effects are awesome. Shame that the worlds seem so deserted from what i've seen.
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