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The first 10 minutes : Full Auto

The first 10 minutes : Full Auto

Remember, almost 2 years ago Microsoft presented a very impressive tech demo called "Crash" for the XNA development tools. Full Auto is the ultimate evolution of this demo, and I sure hoped it would be as fun as it was spectacular back in the days. What I had not anticipated was the framerate...

Yes, I won't let you guys wait any longer, the framerate in Full Auto is just unacceptable. This is a very arcade racing game with a 60 fps framerate, but it's so rare for this game to be smooth that it's just incredible it has been released as is. You'll see by yourself in my video, at times the game runs below 20 fps or even less ! There is no excuse for such a framerate, especially since the game is not *that* spectacular looking to begin with.
It's worth mentioning that the game runs smoother on a 4:3 SDTV than on a widescreen SDTV or HDTV. But even then it's still quite far from being perfectly smooth.

The big selling point of this game was the physics engine. While some explosions can be very spectacular, it's important to remember that we are not free to destroy anything we want. Except for a few exceptions most building are not destructible, and most of the time it's only possible to destroy some key elements to cut a corner for example. Still, when the physics kicks in for a big destruction sequence it can be quite a sight, unfortunately most of the time it happens just behind us because one of our missiles/bullets triggered the explosion as we went past.

The gameplay itself is very simple and intuitive, as it should be. Besides the usual nitro and the weapons it's possible most of the time to "rewind" the game for a few seconds to attempt to get faster past a corner or to evade an opponent's missile. This is a nice feature, quite well done, but after some time playing the same tracks it's hardly useful anymore.

I can't stress enough how disappointed I am by this game. The framerate simply isn't acceptable, killing any chance for the game to be really enjoyable. A shame, really.

The first 10 minutes: Full Auto
Download: AVI
The first 10 minutes: Full Auto
Download: AVI

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Commented on 2006-02-13 22:52:43
d d d anotherone bites the dust

bould of got it if they has fixed the framerate issue, nevermind
Commented on 2006-02-13 22:53:00
All the shit they talked about this game, blah blah blah physics this and XNA demo that, and look at the finished product?

Man!!! I am tired of lackluster 360 games damnit!

Well I will save my Full Auto money for Fight Night.

Thanks for the impressions and video Blim.
Commented on 2006-02-13 22:55:25
MS should reject certification on games with issues like this it does much more harm than good to the xbox 360 brand... are the 360 devs strugling to harness its power or is it not there?
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:06:03
Like I was saying all the time, this game is going to flop.......
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:06:21
MS does not have to decide if a game should be released or not, all they verify is that it does *work* as it should, eg not delete the hard drive when it shouldn't and stuff like that.
They can give advices to devs, but in the end if the game is within the guidelines and is certified then MS can't do anything more.
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:08:30
blimblim, are you gonna put up those ghost recon 3 vids today? (or sometime this week?)
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:09:34
Ouch! That's disappointing. I'm still picking it up though as I had too much fun with the demo.
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:13:52 In reply to soosy
its not that bad.... i mean i enjoyed the demo allot. i think it will be a game that you will play once in a while.
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:19:29
What was the story for the european release? I read somewhere that the euro release of FA had some sort of paper included in the DVD case warning the gamer to put the TV in 50 or 60hz? and I also read that if you didn't switch to the hz rating the game ran freakishly slow.

Did you play with that? Or it doesn't apply when in HD? (sorry I don't live in euroland so the hz ratings is all new to me)
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:24:17
Damn, and I thought it was gonna be good. That isnt gonna be good for MS's reputation either....

Lol, while downloading the vid, I got steady 360 kb/s

Oh, and BlimBlim, doesnt this game have a photomode kind of thing?
Is it even worse?
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:27:19 In reply to pr0cs
In HD you are always in 60hz, and when I did my testing I was of course in PAL60 mode.
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:29:29
Didn't ubisoft say this week you could release the ghost recon 3 stuff as well?
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:33:25
Geez, talk about peer pressure
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:36:09
This message is in "Boulet Time" (TM), If you still *really* want to see it, click here

Commented on 2006-02-13 23:37:31
the game does have kinda of a photo mode feature. I think its if you hit the dpad it plays back the last 10 seconds of gameplay like a replay, u can control the camera and views. So you can replay a huge crash/destructive part for fun :p
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:41:17
Im glad I canceled my preorder when I recieved my OXM, they gave it a 5.5 and most people accuse them of being heavily biased. Although the faceplate looked cool :P
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:42:38 In reply to f2hunter
Yeah let's blame the hardware and not the developers.
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:42:41
f2hunter your wrong this game in the hands of the right developer could have easily achived the constant 60fps and much more.
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:43:07 In reply to Ferretwave333
Posted by Ferretwave333
Didn't ubisoft say this week you could release the ghost recon 3 stuff as well?
It may not happen.
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:44:12
why not?
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:44:49
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:46:06
'cause why?
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:46:57
is it because ubisoft is hesitant about letting a smaller site get such content?
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:48:07 In reply to Beowulf
Posted by Beowulf
f2hunter your wrong this game in the hands of the right developer could have easily achived the constant 60fps and much more.
Man can u blame me tho, so far all ive seen is empty promises and games that have let me down.
Commented on 2006-02-13 23:48:22
They are not satisfied with the quality of the videos. We (in fact, Snoopers IS) are currently working on a final version with color correction and stuff like that, hopefully they will be ok with that.
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