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The first 10 minutes : Metal Wolf Chaos

The first 10 minutes : Metal Wolf Chaos

As you may already know, I'm a big fan of the Otogi series. So when I learned that the Otogi team was working on a Mech games I was very interested, and the videos/demos we got to see until today had me really want to put my hands on the final version. As expected this game is outrageously funny but also plays very well !

Let's start with what most of you will notice right away. Yes Metal Wolf Chaos is one of the most stupid (in a good way) game I ever got to play. I really hope the designers at From Software actually wanted to make a parody of the engrish version we got of some japanese games in the 80s/90s. It's so outrageous at times it just has to be a design choice.
Having the US president singlehandingly save the people from the evil ex Vice President was already a very bold story choice, but the dialogs and voice-over are so over the top that it just HAS to be a parody. How could anyone have the US president YELL something like "I will fight for the free america in my heart !!!" and be serious ?
Serious or not, I was almost laughing to tears at times. That's something that does not happen really often these days with games.

As expected the Otogi team delivered a very nice game graphically and technically. Ok framerate, big explosions, nice effets, lots of ennemies, everything we liked in Otogi is there. The sound is also quite good, with some heavy metal music that fits the game nicely (and also custom soundtracks if you want to) and of course the "excellent" voice overs !

The gameplay could have been the big problem for this game, but so far it's also satisfying. The battle armor moves perfectly and the default button configuration (very FPS like) is as good for me as it could have been. Also worth noting is that you will have to buy your future arsenal. You get money by finding it in the levels or depending on how you performed at the end of the mission. If you played really well you can also be awarded a free weapon.

I did not complete the game yet (do not forget this is NOT a review) but so far the missions were quite long if a bit repetitive at times. The map is big so we should have quite a lot of missions before seeing the end. I'll update this when I complete it.

As a conclusion, do not forget that I'm a big fan of this game's genre and developers, so maybe somebody else would not be as positive as me. Also if you do not laugh while watching my video, NEVER play this game as the dialogs get even better (or worse) in the next missions. You have been warned !

The first 10 minutes : Metal Wolf Chaos
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Commented on 2004-12-27 18:25:35
I played this game a bit over the weekend. The writing is completely horrible and makes me laugh. "Mr. President... Believe in your own justice!" LOL
Commented on 2004-12-28 03:01:24
haven't seen the movie, but I do own the game already :P

I couldn't stop laughing when the newsreporter was crying when he saw the damage (in chinatown?). And I do think the engrish is on porpuse here. (the translation of otogi was always good)

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