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The French clubs of Fifa 11

The French clubs of Fifa 11

For once, EA is showing two of the French teams that will be available in Fifa 11. We don't expect you to be overexcited by the news, but at least you get to see a bit more of the game before its release next week. Expect some videos as soon as we get our copy.

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Commented on 2010-09-23 20:09:32
The demo is great, but I really do hope that there have been quite a few improvements for the final game. The demo is riddled with bugs, and there are a couple of gameplay features which need improving.
Commented on 2010-09-23 20:11:59
nice game dudes
Commented on 2010-09-23 20:21:51 In reply to blmbox
I really like the demo as well, but indeed...some really silly bugs in there. Most bugs I get are related to the commentary.

The other day I was playing as Real Madrid, and when I scored a goal the commentator mentioned what a great goal it was for Barcelona?!

Err...WTF??! :|
Commented on 2010-09-23 20:53:01
The ones I've encountered:

- When a player's stats comes up prior to a substitution, or the number of shots is being shown, the commentators will talk about possession
- If a player is injured and cannot continue, the cutscene will show a completely different player on the floor
- If you pause the game and go on instant replay, when you unpause the background music will continue to play in the game
- If you keeper saves the winning penalty, the cutscene which follows will show him and your team-mates celebrating, but the opposing player who just missed the penalty is nowhere to be seen
- Sometimes the commentary will talk about a player who isn't even playing
- The players will often stand still when a player scores, despite the fact that they're now meant to 'interact' with the scorer
- I actually had to restart the demo once because the players were just standing there, not doing anything

I can forgive these for being in a demo, but if these are evident in the full game then I'm sorry, but that is simply inexcusable.
Commented on 2010-09-23 21:34:46
I agree with blmbox. I also want to say that, hopefully, these are only bugs caused by non-calibration of the game, I mean, keeping the background music after a replay looks so stupid that I can't even imagine them keeping this thing in the full game.
About the more "serious" problems here:

-As blmbox said about absent players, the commentary often says Joe Cole when Ashley Cole has the ball
-When a player is injured, his name is written, but a different player is laying on the floor(I got Malouda injured, the game was showing Alex :-/ )
-Pro passing? The passes often look underpowered. But they never look overpowered. Something to fix
-When I pass to a far player, a closer player won't avoid the ball, while he was usually doing it in FIFA 10... Strange and stupid :-/
-When I make a through pass to a player close, the game will automatically select a forward less close to the ball who will have to come back and take the ball while my midfielder is running somewhere else :/

Not in the bug category, but some general problems I encountered:
-Skill rating, WTF? Anelka 3 stars, Ibrahimovic 4 stars, and... Jimmy Briand, Ederson & César Delgado from Lyon are 5 stars. I seriously hope there is a running joke here...
-Goalkeeper still needs to be faster for going out. He won't take a close ball going out sometimes :/
-I think players should call a little bit more for the ball, I'm often "trying to find a player who's made a good run there", as M.Tyler says ( :P ) but since nobody is running, it's sometimes hard to find a good one...

Anyway the game is overall awesome but there are still these problems to fix... Usually the game is not that close to the demo, so I hope it will be fixed :-)
Commented on 2010-09-23 21:49:03
What's wrong with Anelka being 3 stars? He's very skillful when he can be bothered. :P

One of my biggest gripes falls with the speed of individual players. For the most part it's okay - I've done some real damage with Malouda and Walcott for instance, even on Legendary - but what the FUCK have they done to Messi? The best dribbler on the planet by a clear mile can't take it round anyone in this game. It's ridiculous.

But my biggest gripe overall is the frequency of the pressure you're constantly under, on any difficulty. You hardly get any space to move around with the ball and, as such, you're forced to play a certain way; quick movement and short passing. While I've found that FIFA 11 is a very varied game in terms of the types of goals you can score - I've only had about two one-on-one situations, which was pretty much the only type of goal scored in FIFA 10 (apart from a few exceptions) - I do think the amount of pressure you find yourself under needs to be toned down considerably. It doesn't even have to be too drastic; just tone it down a little and it'll make the world of difference.

FIFA 11 will undoubtedly be the best football game on the market, but I hope for it to be as flawless as possible. The demo is unpolished, and that's fine, but the full game shouldn't be.
Commented on 2010-09-23 22:13:18
Well, actually , if you consider Jimmy Briand able to do 5 star moves(while I've almost never seen him doing a single skill move), Anelka should be, just as a comparison. But the worst is Ibrahimovic. I mean, if he cannot do 5-stars moves, who in he world could? :)

I agree with your vision of this constant pressure but I actually kind of like it. This is what I seriously miss on PES: you get the ball, you have a whole boulevard to play with. Fifa 11 forces you to play fast and smart, and also forces you to play more on the wings and with crosses(I think I scored more goals from crossing in the FIFA 11 Demo than in one full year of FIFA 10 gaming...). Yeah, maybe cool the pressure a little bit could be okay, but not too much, the fact that Fifa forces you to play a smart football is the point I really prefer.
I agree also with messi, I can easily speed up with Arshavin to leave Terry just watching, while Alex is almost running as fast as messi... wtf?

And to answer to your conclusion, I think unfortunately we'll never have a flawless football game... We just hope there are just a little bit of problems :)
Commented on 2010-09-23 22:17:49
I agree that FIFA have got it closer to the real game than PES, but it definitely needs to be toned down. I also think the pitch looks a bit too small; increasing the look of it could actually solve the problem of pressure.
Commented on 2010-09-24 11:07:50
@blmbox and Damascus

You've already mentioned many of the things to iron out and I hope that the demo doesn't represent the "real game". Fifa 10 demo was quite different from the final product. The mentioned celebration sequence after the penalties is so annoying because it's the same since Fifa 09. Another annoying sequence is "4 players going backwards" when there's a substitution...

Other things that annoy me are:

Goalkeepers react much too fast as in every Fifa. I'm a goalkeeper myself and when there's a shot a bit outside of the box you can't always react that fast, especially when there are some people in front of the ball. In PES 11 goalkeepers, sometimes, stand still and watch the ball, which tends to be more realistic.

As blmbox or Damascus mentioned the passes, even the very strong ones, are too soft which can be very annoying if you want to play a pass of more than 10metres.

The last thing are the shots themselves: The ball physics are way better than in Fifa 09 and Fifa10 but the ball tends to fly on the usual "routine". It's better when you play with manual turned on but still shots/goals are much more satisfying in PES.

But, all in all, Fifa is the way to go even though PES is returning to form ;-)
Commented on 2010-09-24 11:17:02
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Commented on 2010-09-24 14:27:35 In reply to DevilInside23
Posted by DevilInside23
As blmbox or Damascus mentioned the passes, even the very strong ones, are too soft which can be very annoying if you want to play a pass of more than 10metres.
I actually disagree about the passing. With the new Pro Passing feature, the aim is to get it to reach the small indicator on the power meter - that represents the perfect pass for that player. If you consistently hit that mark when you're playing, the passes have a great zip to them.
Commented on 2010-09-24 14:57:40 In reply to blmbox
I got the hang of the new pro passing feature but passes of 20-30m must have much power to them and must be played "hard" and thats not the case in fifa11...
Commented on 2010-09-27 12:04:54 In reply to blmbox
Posted by blmbox
I actually disagree about the passing. With the new Pro Passing feature, the aim is to get it to reach the small indicator on the power meter - that represents the perfect pass for that player. If you consistently hit that mark when you're playing, the passes have a great zip to them.
thanks for that tip, didnt knew that at all!!!!

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