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The new features of PES 2010

The new features of PES 2010

Seabass lets us in the production studio of PES 2010 and shows us some of the new features of the game. More realistic lighting effects, a new team tactics system with even more importance on team play and improved AI are among the promises we are made for the return of the king.

Tour of the production studio

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Commented on 2009-07-14 15:29:28
Just watched it, messi still looks like a zombie. They really need to improve the skin texture cause it looks like he has no pigment.
It looks ok, some of the likenesses are pretty decent and can be recognised instantly (even though ive only seen barca and liverpool) which is a far cry from the ones in fifa (rooney still looks so completely wrong and for a player that has featured on covers etc is unforgivable). That said, the fact that PES holds so few licenses (or did last time i looked) really is a killer for me. Man Red is really not acceptable these days.
Commented on 2009-07-14 15:32:50
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Commented on 2009-07-14 15:33:44
Not much to comment on really, but some things that I noticed:


- The Messi animation snippet was fairly impressive
- Mo-cap seems to be making a difference
- Lighting is much improved
- Textures have improved
- I know that there are still numerous improvements to be made, both in terms of graphics and animations
- The new tactical options look pretty expansive


- The players still have their 'take a crap' stance when standing still
- Something isn't right with Messi's model, and his hair looks strange
- The match being played in the background was moving way too fast, but I've been assured that this is not representative of the game's actual pace
- The pitch pattern in the background is ridiculous; no pitch in world football looks like that
- I still don't particularly like the menu design, despite it being better than previous iterations

But, like I said, there still isn't much to pick up on that I didn't know already. For those who are interested, the embargo at WENB (Winning Eleven Blog) lifts tomorrow, as loads of new details and screens will be released. Link:

In keeping with the theme of football games, an embargo will also be lifted at FSB (Fifa Soccer Blog), where a brand new feature of FIFA 10 will be revealed. Link:

Exciting times indeed. FIFA still gets the nod for me though, until I'm convinced otherwise.
Commented on 2009-07-14 16:16:01
hmm some nice features there, looks promising, I really hope they get some decent licenses this time around. In the video Liverpool and Barca icons, so that is a good start.
Commented on 2009-07-14 17:49:30
I'll buy this AND Fifa 10 :)
Commented on 2009-07-14 20:45:29
This feature was almost cheesey to the point of embarrassment. I don't know about the graphical improvements. I'm not totally sold on them yet. To me they still exude that almost last-gen appearance to them, and those shorts and animations are still a joke. Still very rigid-looking, which is not a good sign.

As for the gameplay enhancements, not much to be said as yet, but I did notice an ominous sign from one of the monitors displaying the game running, and that was the on-rails passing that is still present in the game. Players pass the ball and the ball just seems to glide on the pitch like it was attatched to a cable straight to the other player who is always stationary. There is no dynamic feel to it at all whatsoever, unlike Fifa's often frustrating but rewarding manual functions. The talk of the player individuality sounds good, but Konami are in danger of focusing too hard on the sponsor boys and neglecting so called other lesser player to make it realistic, and even then, all EA have to do is update their Adidas Live Season so that it mimmicks their NBA DNA feature and PES is basically fucked in that department, because that feature actually updates how players play in real life from week-to-week and not just concentrating on form.

I've got to say it, but Konami have seriously got their work cut out. No doubt they've finally woken up and smelt what they've been shovelin' the past few years, but I think it's too little too late. They are mostly concentrating on fixing a broken game, whereas EA are concentrating on innovation and even revolutionizing the genre.

Fifa 10 is a nailed on day one purchase for me, whereas PES is just an afterthought bargain bucket purchase already, but I'll keep an eye on it all the same.

About the game
  • PES 2010
  • Ps2, Pc, Xbox360, Ps3, Psp
  • Published by Konami
  • Developed by Konami
  • French release: Available

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