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The Old Republic : Jedi Consular

The Old Republic : Jedi Consular

Bioware has put online a new Trailer of Star Wars: The Old Republic showing off the Jedi Consular. They channel the power of the Force for strength in combat and wisdom in diplomacy.

Jedi Consular
Jedi Consulaire

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Commented on 2011-08-06 20:29:35
Big over-hyped fan on TOR here saying the effects could have been a bit more imaginative.
Commented on 2011-08-06 21:23:11 In reply to Jonesyy
Posted by Jonesyy
Big over-hyped fan on TOR here saying the effects could have been a bit more imaginative.
Well it is an MMO they can only do so much with particle effects to keep it from completely lagging everyones game as soon as someone uses a flamethrower etc. However, I do agree that lame "pebble storm" force power could be a little more effective looking.
Commented on 2011-08-06 22:09:06
Its more the bubble effect. Seemed like it was always being used. I'll probably go COnsular if/when I go light side.
Commented on 2011-08-07 00:21:58
This gonna Be my starting class and main class since I most likely won't have time to work on other ones, so I just hope this class isn't completely useless with close combat. I can see from this vid they tried to show some saber combat for the counsular, but I'm not convinced until I see more from this class. Either way tho I still am going to pick it, I've always stuck with support class in most games so its a gameplay style i like, but I'd like to kick some ass with the lightsaber too. Just a tease having it out during combat but hardly using it
Commented on 2011-08-07 12:49:45
This is why I am going for a Darth Maul esque Sith. Still has wisdom in the force but is very much a stealthy acrobatic assassin. Perfect class for me.
Commented on 2011-08-08 02:54:18
that was lame
Commented on 2011-08-08 13:52:13
Man the release of this game is killing me ^^ So pumped for TOR :D

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