PS3 Wednesday, November 21, 2007 | 6:35 AM

Toy Home images

Toy Home images

Sony and Game Republic released these images of Toy Home. A game that looks good, but whose potential is definitely wasted by SixAxis only control scheme.

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Commented on 2007-11-21 08:05:14
wasted by Sixaxis only ? uhm ... I think the implementation works quite well in the demo although it's definately something you have to be willing to adapt to.
Commented on 2007-11-21 08:31:06
Yes wasted. Motion controls on the sixaxis are a nightmare.
Commented on 2007-11-21 12:06:39
wow wow wow, hold the phone before you say something like that fuckmerunning

you should check out the game or demo for Folklore. I think the sixaxis motion controls are smooth and work brilliantly for that game. Very responsive and accurate.

Heavenly sword as well, controlling the arrows via sixaxis were smooth after i realise i needed to keep the controller straight rather than trying to maneuver it when holding the controller in an angle
Commented on 2007-11-21 14:07:09
Well unfortunately Splicer, most developers haven't seemed to grasp how to properly use the Sixaxis control scheme, and as such most games that rely on it end up being sorely disappointing. I'm hoping this is even a little bit like Toy Commander, one of the greatest Dreamcast games in existence, because that could overcome any weird control issues that exist.
Commented on 2007-11-21 16:40:16
Splicer261, the problem is that regular old thumb sticks do what you described much better. I find my self rolling my eyes every time motion controls come up in PS3 games like Uncharted and Ratchet.
Commented on 2007-11-21 17:07:06
I never did try either folklore nor Heavenly sword. but in motor storm it was umplayable and from wat i've heard it was real shitty in that there dragon game (i forgot what it's called :P ). Any game that requires quick direct input (like a racing game) is bound to suck noodle with motion sensor controls. But i'm juat guessing ofc.
Commented on 2007-11-21 20:11:55
yeah it's true what you guys say

I mean, let's be honest..the only reason why they even put the feature in is because of wii
Commented on 2007-11-21 21:57:32
Sixaxis in Motorstorm is perfect! If you have a problem with itm you have it on your side of the controller! ;)

Commented on 2007-11-21 23:31:26
Game Republic did Folklore, which makes the best use of motion sensing in any game to date, PS3 or otherwise. I have confidence they can make this work.
Commented on 2007-11-22 12:35:42 In reply to Splicer261
Posted by Splicer261
yeah it's true what you guys say

I mean, let's be honest..the only reason why they even put the feature in is because of wii
mhh...i think the only reason they put the sensor in was to not let the controler without nothig...
Commented on 2007-11-22 14:25:51
I see - many of those that are arguing against the sixaxis control in this game never tried it - that's sad , because the game is a lot of fun *sigh*
Commented on 2007-11-23 13:01:41 In reply to Lafiel
Posted by Lafiel
wasted by Sixaxis only ? uhm ... I think the implementation works quite well in the demo although it's definately something you have to be willing to adapt to.
Yes, a total waste of a good concept. Using the motion controls only was a nightmare, and not even something I'd want to adapt to. How can you accurately gauge steering when you have ZERO resistance? Let's put it this way, if they let you use the sticks, I'll buy it, if they don't, I won't. Simple as...
Commented on 2007-11-23 20:38:05
once you get the hang of the controls its actually not all that just takes a

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