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Trailer of Call of Duty 2

Trailer of Call of Duty 2

As a last news before my "vacation", here is a new trailer of Activision's Call of Duty 2. The recently released PC-demo rocked, and is one of the better I've played this year. This short trailer shows some footage from the demo map, so I guess it's nothing new for those that have played the demo.

El Daba trailer
Download: AVI

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Commented on 2005-09-28 02:53:05
Commented on 2005-09-28 02:53:35
Cheers for the trailer, I'm playing the PC demo now, its awesome. My only gripe with it sofar is the hotkey to throw nade business.. and where are the ragdoll physics :S hopefully they will add it before release.
Commented on 2005-09-28 02:54:00
I have to say I'm sort of shocked by the lackluster reaction to the PC demo. A lot of people 'round the net seem to be a bit dissapointed by it's visuals and performance...which really boggles my mind. I've heard various complaints that the game looks "worse" and performs "worse" than BF2..which, was quite the opposite reaction to what I saw.

To me the game ran beautifully on my rig (A64 3200+, gig-o-ram, 6800GT), ran smoother than BF2 or the fear demo in fact...and, is STUNNINGLY beautiful. I really think the games enviroment effects are unmatched by anything I've seen on my PC..including any other shooter that's dropped this year.

It's beautiful.

Haters go home.
Commented on 2005-09-28 02:57:00
I tried the demo on my pc too. it kicked ass,the A.I actually kills your squad mates,and can throw grenades back at you.


i took a pic of the demo with 1280'720 in resolution to get an idea how it will look on HDTV.
Commented on 2005-09-28 03:38:50
GritGFX, I can explain that, and notice that it only occurs when people have 128mb cards:

from a CoD2 dev:

"What you're seeing is a video card memory issue. Since your card only has 128 megs of ram, most of your texture memory is being used for low res bump maps, specular maps, and color maps (all at very low res to fit). When you put it into dx7 mode, it isn't loading the bump and spec anymore, so it loads much more detailed versions of the color maps. If you had even more video memory you'd see details like those on the color map, plus detailed bump maps, plus detailed spec maps. "

In other words, 128mb cards are having to sacrifice texture resolution for the bump maps, I guess something they just didn't expect (and something, by the way, which won't be a problem on the 512mb Xbox360), and it affects the engine so much so that the models look like crap.

Look at what happens when a 128mb'er forces directX7 mode:

Using the card's "full potential": http://img374.imageshack.us/my.php?image=reg7rf.jp...

Dumping the bump-maps, allowing the higher-res textures to be loaded: http://img374.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dx71yf.jp...

Of course, when you have a 256mb card, you retain both the high res textures AND the bump maps, and it looks even better.
Commented on 2005-09-28 03:56:16
I don't know about the demo (maybe they wanted to save download size by nixing the ragdolls),
but the video looks awesome.
Anyone who played the original COD on PC knows how immersive the single player is, and how fun the multiplayer is...
these great graphics just make me clap like a little boy at the circus.

I may get this game on PC instead of 360, but I'm not sure yet.
Commented on 2005-09-28 03:56:55
I use a ati radeon 9800 xt 256mb,that was good enough?
Commented on 2005-09-28 04:10:50 In reply to QuezcatoL
Posted by QuezcatoL
I use a ati radeon 9800 xt 256mb,that was good enough?
depends what type of CPU you have

I have a 2.8 GHz P4 to accompany my 9800XT and get ~40fps on the default settings
Commented on 2005-09-28 04:14:48

One should only expect for the game to take a serious hit visually if they're forcing the DX7 path, I don't know why anyone would expect it to look like a breakthrough title on low settings--but the complaints I'm baffled by have more to do with people running it on Geforce series 6/7 boards and still b*tching about performance; both in regard to visual performance and framerates...

I've played the PC demo through about five times so far, once on hard, four times on vet...and I'm pretty excited for this title. I think I'll be grabbing it for PC (I love my kb/m kthx) but I expect it to blow up pretty large on XBL..and if that's the case perhaps it'll find a spot in my 360 collection as well.

Guess hype/expectations are set pretty high on this one. Maybe I just need to pay slightly less attention to forum trolls/fanboys :)
Commented on 2005-09-28 07:43:37
19 inch LCD FTW!
Commented on 2005-09-28 08:02:13
how do u find out what graphics card u have???

i have a radeon 9800 pro but i don't know how many mb's it is

on my computer i can have everhting turned on to a certain extent with resolution 800 by 600...to me it looks fantastic, expecially indoors when the light is streaming through the nazi flags
Commented on 2005-09-28 08:47:43
look in your video cards control panel.
Commented on 2005-09-28 12:48:57
nice trailer guys
Commented on 2005-09-28 13:26:51
The PC demo is an amazing experience, pure battlefield chaos and confusion. My graphics card is only a 9700 Pro so I'll wait and convince my dad he wants to buy the 360 version because of all the Band of Brothers actors doing voice work! ;)
Commented on 2005-09-28 17:06:31
I use a p4 3ghz 1024 ram. i dont know more...and yes i get 40 fps too.
Commented on 2005-09-28 17:09:05
What will look best?
A pc with high settings and 1280'720 in resolution,or a xbox360 with a regular tv?
Im getting a hd tv late next year,they are to expensive in Sweden at the moment...
Commented on 2005-09-28 23:40:35
GriftGFX - I have a 6800 GT. Just to reassure folks here, looks awesome.

You WILL see people with a GeForce 6800 get pissed - the basic model has 128 of RAM. So, what he's saying still applies. If 7800 owners are upset, something MUST be wrong with their sytems. I mean, I'm not running a super computer over here, and it's working great!

Here's a screen from my box:

Commented on 2005-10-03 04:56:56
Definitly gonna pick this one up.

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