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Trailer of Valkyria Chronicles

Trailer of Valkyria Chronicles

Sega releases its monthly trailer of Valkyria Chronicles (also known as Valkyrie of the Battlefield), a quite long video showcasing the story of the game. Visually, except for the aliasing, it looks fantastic.

Trailer - March

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Commented on 2008-03-25 13:34:59
This game is a visual master piece. The art direction is just awesome!
Can't wait for this, waiting for my first this-gen JRPG... and this is it!!!
Commented on 2008-03-25 13:37:31
OK, I get it, there is a story but MY GOD! not a single glimpse of what the gamplay is going to be like is on the video and it's almost 5 minutes long!!!

Looks fantastic graphically though. I hope the gameplay lives up to how good it looks.
Commented on 2008-03-25 13:38:48
There have been gameplay vids, a while back. But can't remember if it was here or somewhere else where I saw them...
Commented on 2008-03-25 13:56:55 In reply to Hrimthur
Posted by Hrimthur
There have been gameplay vids, a while back. But can't remember if it was here or somewhere else where I saw them...
We have gameplay videos, just look up our game sheet.
Commented on 2008-03-25 14:00:15
They have certainly nailed the anime look in 3d, but other than that i think it looks pretty boring.
Commented on 2008-03-25 14:57:09
They're constantly uploading new footage of this game on the Japanese PSN. It looks fun, and of course the graphics style kicks ass.
Commented on 2008-03-25 15:04:18
hehe, it's a visual orgasm. Well, tell us Synce, how is the upgrade system. Didn't see anything about that 'till now...
Commented on 2008-03-25 15:30:31
all cutscenes no gameplay = fail. The developer doesn't have enough confidence in the gameplay stuff so they keep showing this anime stuff

Commented on 2008-03-25 16:08:14
Lol I've seen tons of the gameplay...

Not really sold on this game yet, it's hard to know if the gameplay will be good because of the kind of game it is. I need to see some reviews and word of mouth before I'd buy it. (or preferably a demo)
Commented on 2008-03-25 18:59:24
Pretty much SJRPG with a twist on combat. Instead of inputting commands ala Disgaea, you control your character and attack yourself. And for those complaining about no gameplay, obviously you have not been exposed to Japanese RPG PVs before. They have vids dedicated to gameplay and vids dedicated to story. This vid falls into the latter. A lot of the earlier vids fell into the former. Sigh. At least know your SJRPG pvs before bitching.
Commented on 2008-03-25 19:10:27 In reply to jackdoe
Posted by jackdoe
Blah blah blah
What's a "PV"?

Just because someone hasn't been exposed to "PVs" before doesn't mean they can't be disappointed in an all-cutscene video.

I know there are gameplay vids of NG2 out, but I'd still be like "Wtf's the point..." if a NG2 vid was released comprised solely of cutscenes.

Also, what's an "SJRPG"?
Commented on 2008-03-25 20:52:47
Well, maybe people should take 5 minutes to look for gameplay videos or know the history the type of game rather then talk out of their ass.
Commented on 2008-03-26 01:38:16 In reply to FormlessLikeWater
Posted by FormlessLikeWater
Well, maybe people should take 5 minutes to look for gameplay videos or know the history the type of game rather then talk out of their ass.
No. People aren't complaining about the video-release history of the game; they simply don't like all-cutscene videos because, let's face it, we don't play cutscenes.

And please explain, what does knowing the history OF the type of the game have to do with not caring for all-cutscene video releases?

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