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Transformers: The Game images

Transformers: The Game images

Activision has finally released a new batch of images from Transformers: The Game. The release is planned to be this summer, so it's surprising that they still haven't released any trailer yet.

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Commented on 2007-04-08 10:57:50

hopefully the movie will be good :P
Commented on 2007-04-08 11:54:27
I'd much rather have them make a stand alone Transformers game instead of movie-based one....
Commented on 2007-04-08 12:08:44
This message is in "Boulet Time" (TM), If you still *really* want to see it, click here

Commented on 2007-04-08 12:27:13
The new Transformer designs have no character at all, they all look exactly the same save for the colour scheme.
Commented on 2007-04-08 13:49:54
And the proportions are still fucked right up. Those robots both transform into *cars*.

Michael Bay (ew!) specifically said he wanted them to be realistic (there's that party pooper word again!) and therefore be able to physically transform into whatever they become. No magic shrinking tape recorders or anything like that. So, I guess Bumblebee transforms into one huge camaro.
Commented on 2007-04-08 14:16:28
I guess they started the game really late. This smells like a rush job. I almost feel bad for the poor studio that is in charge of making something playable out of the last minute assets they received.

Publisher: "Take a Million dollars and make me a Transformers game"
Developer: "Great, the cartoons will be enough source material"
Publisher: "Are you fucking kidding me? If you want source material look at the trailer!"
Developer: "How much time do we have?"
Publisher: "Have a demo ready for tomorrow, we are launching in six months, so the game has to be ready for press in 4!"
Developer: ... *cries*
Commented on 2007-04-08 14:53:07
Okay i don't fucking get why they have to do a game out of this movie. Yeah this is a big franchise but why do they have to milk every fucking tit of it!?
Commented on 2007-04-08 15:14:13 In reply to walter
Posted by walter
Okay i don't fucking get why they have to do a game out of this movie. Yeah this is a big franchise but why do they have to milk every fucking tit of it!?
Cos ppl are stupid enough to buy it..????
Commented on 2007-04-08 16:53:35
The real stupidity at work here (if profitability is viewed as clever, and I think it should be) it's that they actually took this away from the people who made Transformers Armada for PS2, which was bloody excellent, and gave it to a team that are unlikely to treat it with as much love and care.

Sort of exactly like when EA took Buffy from The Collective and gave it to fucking Eurocom. Wtf?

Disregarding of the utterly charmless iteration of transformers this represents, surely the shift in developers is the most worrying thing. In terms of development time however, this has been worked on since ages back. Not that i believe that will actually make a difference.

Let's hope the movie fails miserably so these designs don't echo for long though. It's depressing to the point of heartbreak to see what they've done to everyone besides perhaps Optimus Prime. :(
Commented on 2007-04-08 16:57:10
The minute Michael Bay was announced as the director, your expectations should have been drastically lowered :P
Commented on 2007-04-08 17:08:03
Oh they were, but nothing could prepare me for the first teaser. When I realised the transformers would look like Number 5 I freaked out completely.
Commented on 2007-04-08 18:16:43
I really hate this new style of Transformers. The robots look like assembled piles of junkyard trash.
Commented on 2007-04-08 19:43:51 In reply to Slabs
Posted by Slabs
The new Transformer designs have no character at all, they all look exactly the same save for the colour scheme.
Noone will be able to make a personal connection with the robots like we could as kids because of this
Commented on 2007-04-08 19:59:56
Looks like a 3d slap in the face to me.
Commented on 2007-04-08 23:22:47
Four words, "Transforms to car wrecks"
Commented on 2007-04-08 23:46:29
who knows, maybe the actual ingame transformations are really cool.......but uh, im not holding my breath.
Commented on 2007-04-09 01:00:18
These pics only got me more interested for the movie than the game lol
Commented on 2007-04-09 05:19:43 In reply to SimonM7
Posted by SimonM7
Oh they were, but nothing could prepare me for the first teaser. When I realised the transformers would look like Number 5 I freaked out completely.
Ha, indeed. The robot designs look like the result of a wrecking yard car compacter vomiting. Ugh.
Commented on 2007-04-09 05:43:01
I wish they should do the same as Transformers on Ps2 :/
Commented on 2007-04-09 09:35:59
Oh, dang. Synce beat me to the junk analogy. Still, the art director & modeling crew for the film should commit mass suicide. Not for mis-interpreting the Transformers, but for creating about the ugliest things ever.
Commented on 2007-04-09 10:18:57
Those transformers look horrible, I must admit.

This may be the only instance where someone should refer to the 80's for a superior art model.
Commented on 2007-04-09 13:24:25
Michael Bay has single handedly destoried the look and feel that made the transformers such endearing characters in the past. The now all look like generic cg models of Robots basicly humans could build, not robots from another planet. Both Optimus and Megatron have lost all the character thier old 80's counter parts have, I only hope this game has a "classic" model mode where you can have the transformers looking like they did back in the glory days of the cartoon, atleast that will be somthing.

Thank you Michael Bay for raping my childhood! Hope you never make another movie after this shit
Commented on 2007-04-09 23:58:53
Is this the game about the Citroen commercial? I love the dancing robot and the skating robot. WHEEE!


Oh I see, its some sort of ultracynical, pretentious, neo-scifi nonsense version of the Transformers. They look like shattered blocks of ice. Or maybe they're damaged! You can see their bare naked endoskeletons.

The robots in the commercials are more Transformers than this BS!

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