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TW3: Hearts of Stone Launch Trailer

TW3: Hearts of Stone Launch Trailer

Here is the launch trailer of the anticipated expansion from CD Projekt RED, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hearts of Stone, which will be made available on October 13th. The pack brings over 10 hours of new adventures, new characters, monsters, romance, new storyline and a new system of Runewords.

Hearts of Stone Launch Trailer

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Commented on 2015-10-06 17:50:26
agghhhhhh so excited i can hardly contain myself!!
Commented on 2015-10-06 18:39:43
Wow that was full of spoilers, but awesome trailer.
Commented on 2015-10-06 18:45:56 In reply to scoobs0688
Posted by scoobs0688
agghhhhhh so excited i can hardly contain myself!!
Commented on 2015-10-06 19:45:05
This looks great.
Commented on 2015-10-06 21:41:15
Can you post this artwork in hires?
Commented on 2015-10-06 22:23:51
When I get this dlc expansion, the first thing I'm gonna do is go to an brothel...because I'm feeling frisky. *does the cabbage patch*
Commented on 2015-10-07 02:26:00 In reply to AndreasZ1994
Not anything that hasn't been announced or spoken about in the general descriptions of the expansion already.
Commented on 2015-10-07 03:13:16
Just me or is the audio really low quality?
Commented on 2015-10-08 11:20:16 In reply to deadlymint
Sounded fine to me. It might be on your end. I'm using headphones however. Not sure if you were or not but that sure makes a difference.

Yeah, not sure How spoilery that is considering the inevitable plot twists and we don't know too much about the plot. I would of preferred not seeing a few scenes.The fight scene where the dude "loses his head". Looks awesome! I feel greedy sayign this but this isn't even out yet and I'm already wishing the next expansion, Blood & Wine was coming out sooner.

I sincerely hope and wish that they consider doing one more expansion!!! Either Tir ná Lia or Dol Blathanna(The Valley of Flowers) would be amazing!
Commented on 2015-10-08 11:37:07
Looks cool. Though i'm a bit sceptical about the playtime. But yeah, i'm going to pick this up for sure.
Commented on 2015-10-10 07:41:12 In reply to Megido
Posted by Megido
Looks cool. Though i'm a bit sceptical about the playtime. But yeah, i'm going to pick this up for sure.
I wouldn't be too worried about playtime. Unless you're the type of player that rushes through games. The reviews I've seen have said *at least* 10 hours. CDPR have hinted that if you do everything it has to offer that you can get 15+ hours. I'm thinking the 10 hours minimum is MQ & SQ.
Commented on 2015-10-10 07:42:15 In reply to Megido
It's doing very well so far Avg. a 87 from the early reviews released on metacritic -

Gamespot - 9.0
IGN - 9.0 - 9.5
XGN - 9.5
Meristation - 9.0
PC Games(Germany) - 8.8 - 7.0
Commented on 2015-10-10 10:14:43
Don't much care for reviewers tbh. Or rather i know what reviewers i trust. Metascore is irrelevant to me :)

Also people have called Witcher 3 like a 200 hours experience. I did every quest i found, i explored quite a lot (though admittedlt i stopped hunting questionmarks after a while) and i still finished the game in about 55 hours. I didn't particularly rush, and i'm not complaining about 55 hours of enjoyable game, but i just don't see how i could have missed 150 hours worth of content. Or are players just making their way across the northern realms at a slugs pace?

Again, it's not really a criticism of the game, more of how people evaluate how many hours you'll get out of games.

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