PS3 Wednesday, September 6, 2006 | 12:22 AM

Very first PS3 commercial

Very first PS3 commercial

At last, SONY's marketing machine is moving forward and the first act is this 3 minutes and 20 seconds short (5 more to come). The object of this film is to cover the "Real-time" aspect of the console, in fact it is more about the benefits of a non-scripted AI.
A short clip of "Resistance - Fall of men" is shown at the end of the video, and yes it is worth it!

1st ps3 CM - FR audio
1st ps3 CM - EN audio

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Commented on 2006-09-06 03:02:20
I jst wanted to click stream cos its so late i dont have enough time to download the 720o ones yet but there not working :(
Commented on 2006-09-06 05:19:19
Resistance is looking very... very sexy.
Commented on 2006-09-06 05:21:29

HOLY F***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This video puts GREAT sense into the dodgy slogan and not only that RESISTANCE LOOKS F'ING GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT!!!!!

Please no-one comment unless you watch the video in good quality- That picture does Resistance NO justice!

sorry to look crazy but I am really tired and just when I thought I was about to go to bed- This little gold mine comes along and hypes the hell out of me! Sony you sneaky A-Holes!

$600?? HA! I'll pay $800 for this!! ;)
(im joking sony don't u dare raise the price another cent lol)
Commented on 2006-09-06 06:10:37 In reply to antena
Posted by antena
This video puts GREAT sense into the dodgy slogan and not only that RESISTANCE LOOKS F'ING GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT!!!!
Exactly. "This is living..." as in living, breathing, spontaneous, adapting...

But you've also got the double entendre ("You're slumming it on other consoles!"). Brilliant ad campaign.
Commented on 2006-09-06 07:53:46
The video is actually very well put together, and the bits of resistance at the end are incredible, this game really will rock!

I really like the DNA made up of the famous PS symbols, it'd be good as the PS3's start up animation.
Commented on 2006-09-06 08:21:13
i didnt understood what the ad was trying to tell me.

A.I. will always be like a punching bag on all consoles and PC , until a developer, not the console ,creates Actual A.I. that learns from the player , like example you played level 1 , you played it again , this time that level feels different cause the A.I. already studied all your moves from level 1 , 2 , 3 and so on.

Resistance doesnt look like that great, guess im expecting too much from "Next Gen".
Commented on 2006-09-06 10:20:10
too bad the ps3 is delayed until march 2007 in europe...

Neat commercial though, and resistance does look pretty slick!
Commented on 2006-09-06 12:31:30
Resistance is nice enough, seen that footage before i think anyway, nothing amazing
Commented on 2006-09-06 12:58:02
Wow that was stupid! A guy was having a good day doing generally what gamers don't actually do, but then she started talking about the guy as a robot. Then he adapts and then she's talking like "real-time" interaction also occurs in PS3. Enough with the "real-time" nickname gimmicky things, Sony! Real-time weapon changing, realtime character changing, what next real-time gameplay where you can actually interact with a game in the 1st place with a controller, lol. If they were talking about AI it misses the point of the PS3, and if you're selling it for its AI you have to truly understand AI doesn't come from hardware, it comes from the DEVELOPERS! But Microsoft had some dumb commercials for 360 but at least they made sense. I swear Sony PRs are like robots who are in a sci-fi world where anything can happen.
Commented on 2006-09-06 12:58:58
Oh and Resistance's AI seemed pretty dumb, standard FPS AI. So what did the commercial prove??
Commented on 2006-09-06 13:06:17

1) You can edit your own posts
2) You haven't played the game so you don't know how smart or dumb the AI are.
Commented on 2006-09-06 13:09:25
I still can't stream it :( and I can't download the video just yet :(
Commented on 2006-09-06 13:23:47 In reply to JediMasterMalik
Posted by JediMasterMalik

1) You can edit your own posts
2) You haven't played the game so you don't know how smart or dumb the AI are.
i've seen enough videos that prove my point, and they're all gameplay. So what's your point?
Commented on 2006-09-06 13:42:42 In reply to Wii
Posted by Wii
I still can't stream it :( and I can't download the video just yet :(
We are facing some problems with the streaming server, but you can still download the video with a much better quality than the flash version.
Commented on 2006-09-06 15:06:27
Sony never fail at marketing, that was a great ad, the game looked pretty good, but not enough footage to judge, but I guess thats the point, create interest in the products.

Streaming vids was other reason why xboxyde and playsyde are my number 1 choice for my nextgen news :(

on a side note, I'll take him on GRRRR
Commented on 2006-09-06 16:06:25
Okies cool and sorry I didn't mean it like in a bad way I jst really wanted to see em and for some reason my downloads just keep stoping something to do with my IP address, so streaming is my only choice at the mo, but thanks for the info and the website i luvs it :D
Commented on 2006-09-06 16:15:26
Woop the streaming worked cheers guys and the add its kinda weird..
Commented on 2006-09-06 16:18:06
You can't see AI in movies, you have to experience it for yourself.
Commented on 2006-09-06 16:37:16
Ok so I don't understand why they released the add and then the next day tell us it's being delayed???
Commented on 2006-09-06 18:06:35 In reply to Wii
Posted by Wii
Ok so I don't understand why they released the add and then the next day tell us it's being delayed???
Commented on 2006-09-06 19:06:41
That wasn't an ad that was a mini documentary..

I was bored in the first 15 seconds.
Commented on 2006-09-06 19:35:30
Skip to the end, Jolli, the Resistance footage is great. (Were it COD2 devs it wouldn't be, but it's Insomniac so you know there's more to it than just shooting nazis dressed up like aliens.)

Ok so I don't understand why they released the add and then the next day tell us it's being delayed???
Yeah, you do get the impression one hand doesn't know what the other is doing over at Sony HQ.
Commented on 2006-09-06 22:41:03
Alright got some rest and watched it again and people who say this CAMPAIGN is crap is either blind or is denying the truth.
Weather you LOVE MS, Nintendo, Wii or whatever and even if you hate Sony and/or Playstation brand- This CAMPAIGN in itself is simply genius.
It's to the point and uses every-day analogy to explain the point further.

The delay was ONCE AGAIN an..."interesting" move by Sony but I am sure at TGS they will explain it's because of "demand over production". Not that many people will care and many people WILL once again turn their back to Sony but I think Sony's plan is "Let them hate us all they want since we are not selling anything YET but once we do start to sell the PS3, we will show them what we have and they can't help but be amazed."
So I would say Sony either
A) Has some great stuff in the pipeline for the PS3 and is very confident about their product
B) Is a dumbass company.

And a multi-million international company is not going to be a dumbass.
Sony is playing their hands VERY patiently this gen.
Commented on 2006-09-07 11:56:46
This message is in "Boulet Time" (TM), If you still *really* want to see it, click here

Commented on 2006-09-07 13:01:30
Sony's console still has the games my friend.
Make fun of it all you want. Make Xbot comments all you want. HATE Sony all you want.

We will enjoy our MGS4, DMC4, Resistance, Warhawk, Lair, Motorstorm and many more great titles to come. We will experience them a bit later than anticipated but who cares, it's not the DOOM you all think it is.
The bottom line is- Those words only effect 2% of the console buying world and Sony which has a fan base of 100Million will once again triumph and for good reasons (some of them listed above).

Have your fun bashing a console you don't like, we will have our fun PLAYING a console that we like.
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