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Watch_Dogs 2: Welcome to DedSec

Watch_Dogs 2: Welcome to DedSec

Learn more about Marcus Holloway and the DedSec crew he joined in order to put down the plans of Blume CTO, Dusan Nemec. New screenshots too. Watch_Dogs 2 launches on November 15.

Welcome to DedSec
Welcome to DedSec (FR)

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Commented on 2016-09-23 17:01:47
Looks promising. Will wait until release.
Commented on 2016-09-23 17:05:27
no-one seems excited about this...and after the shit-fest of the first game, i don't really find that surprising.
Commented on 2016-09-23 18:16:55
Im not sure about the story and the characters yet but this trailer was way better than the previous ones.
Commented on 2016-09-23 21:06:29
Looks like a hipster convention.
Commented on 2016-09-24 01:37:42
How was the first one ?
Will wait for reviews.
Commented on 2016-09-24 09:39:14
T-Bone was a fantastic character, he made such a good protagonist in Bad Blood, glad to see him back.
Of course I will not be buying this game at launch, but it should be decent fun.
Commented on 2016-09-24 14:27:03
If its self aware how stupid and corny this looks which it seems to be on some level so far then it could be a lot of fun with all the ridiculous stuff u can do in the game. Also the fact the main villain's name is what it is and the protagonist just slaps him like that i think its safe too assume the devs don't take this very seriously. Even if they do at some point be serious it will still be funny to me.
Commented on 2016-09-24 19:03:54
Ubisoft need to go back to it's roots (Prince of Persia...) and focus to making a good games specially single player without putting all kind of online craps, Watch_Sh** is failure and i think the same is going to happen to this one also.
Commented on 2016-09-24 19:11:59 In reply to archnophobia
Posted by archnophobia
Ubisoft need to go back to it's roots (Prince of Persia...) and focus to making a good games specially single player without putting all kind of online craps, Watch_Sh** is failure and i think the same is going to happen to this one also.
The immediate success of The Division probably pulled them in the opposite direction.

How that game crashed and burned in its first few months should probably give them some pause though.
Commented on 2016-09-26 01:06:57
I don't understand why Ubisoft is still going for the "punky hipster" hacker stereotype. The reality is there is no "hacker look" and a hacker's appearance can range from ordinary to unexpected. Just look at Mr. Robot, and how the show portrays hackers. It does so pretty well and each hacker's appearance is somewhat unique but at the same time each of them blends into ordinary society without standing out. None of the Mr. Robot's characters stick out like a sore thumb like these guys in Watch_Dogs.
Commented on 2016-09-26 18:22:13 In reply to Eamon
Looks like they've used the 1995 masterpiece 'Hackers' as their inspiration. Even back then, the look they had would be considered hipster without hipsters even being a thing yet.

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