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Watch_Dogs: Commented gameplay

Watch_Dogs: Commented gameplay

The video shown today by Ubisoft, explains the phase of gameplay shown at Playstation Event. Many details are provided, allowing us to understand a little better how Watch_Dogs works.

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Commented on 2013-03-26 18:41:53
Looking nice,kudos to the animation as well.
Commented on 2013-03-26 20:46:47
Game is so awesome. Have a much better understanding of the mechanics also from analyzing it all.
Commented on 2013-03-26 21:08:00
Eh to the recycled footage :/
Commented on 2013-03-27 10:41:33
Can't wait for this, hope it's as open world as they make out.
Commented on 2013-03-27 12:28:46
Such a shitty trailer. But still, i have it pre-ordered. I just hope it isn't as "assassins creed" as it seems.
Commented on 2013-03-28 13:27:49 In reply to KORNdog
Posted by KORNdog
Such a shitty trailer. But still, i have it pre-ordered. I just hope it isn't as "assassins creed" as it seems.
If Ubi had really only ever done Assassins Creed 1 (without the shitty scifi background story that is) and none of that 9(?) dreadful sequels they already did on all kinds of different crappy platforms, you would proudly and joyfully have written today: "Man, I just hope it's as much 'Assassin'ss Creed' as it seems."

Unoriginal sequels are destroying originals (even entire genres, goes with movies too). If Ubi hadn't tampered with AC's background story (in order to sell the shit out of it in the long run) it would have been one of those games i would have proudly told of my kids "back in the days when things weren't like they are today." But now i wont even bother letting them know... lol
Commented on 2013-03-29 02:36:28
really wanna play it. Am abit curious though why they're not really going into the premise they lead us to believe at E3 of being able to share the open world and effect other players games... wondering just how limited that will be.

Also be interesting to see the current gen versions...or hell even real next gen footage

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