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We reviewed Far Cry Primal

We reviewed Far Cry Primal

When Far Cry: Primal was announced 6 months ago, no one truly expected to see a new game in the series so soon. As a result, many people were a bit worried, thinking Ubisoft would do Assassin's Creed all over again. In the end, this new episode may not include tons of new features, but everything we've been doing in Far Cry for the past 3 years (collecting resources, crafting and hunting) now makes even more sense in a prehistorical context. For us, it worked like a charm despite the (very) few uninspired dream sequences the shaman gives Takkar in the course of the main story. The surprise is that this is a very solid Far Cry game and that it doesn't need guns to be good. The problem is that those who have already played the last 2 episodes may have had enough for now. As for us, we were happy we didn't play much FC4 because it may have helped us enjoyed Primal even more.

Bear Hunt 1
Bear Hunt 2
Elk Hunt
Enemy Tribe
Eagle Nest
Mammoth Frenzy
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Commented on 2016-02-22 18:02:14
Hmmm....not like the usual reviews? With a conclusion and the plusses and minusses.
Commented on 2016-02-22 18:05:46 In reply to Moonwalker
I was sick yesterday and it took me the whole day to write the French review today. After working on it for something like 5 hours (maybe more) I confess I didn't have the courage to translate it. Later maybe, but I can't promise anything. :)
Commented on 2016-02-22 18:13:18

The problem is that those who have already played the last 2 episodes may have had enough for now
i think this applies to me tbh. i even felt like FC4 was a bit too much of a retread of FC4. and this, while looking nice isn't winning me over. but i think i'm done with open world games in general at this point, especially ubisoft ones.
Commented on 2016-02-22 18:15:49 In reply to KORNdog
I couldn't play Far Cry 4 more than 4 hours because it felt too similar to 3 and I had a lot of fun with Primal, so you never know. That being said, in a way I skipped FC4, which might have helped.
Commented on 2016-02-22 18:17:27 In reply to Moonwalker
via Google translate. I don't speak french so I can't judge if it's correct

+ All mechanical Far Cry finally make sense
+ A large playground rather varied to explore
+ Pets and very large fauna
+ Excellent soundtrack, the sound design dialect invented for the occasion
+ A gradual ramp that does not make you superman (hard)
+ A configurable experience from A to Z
+ In many beautiful landscapes and light effects
+ Jet Weapons jouissives
+ Fast travel fast enough not to frustrate
More substantial lifetime, rich content
+ Install a saber-toothed cat or a bear, is class
+ Fluid cream as in almost all circumstances

- Transition day / night too fast, not quite dark night
- Sometimes a little dull (colors, contrast)
- Weapons of body to body disappointing
- We would have liked more new products and more variety of landscapes
- The few missions where one incarnates a mammoth, without interest
- Recycling mechanical will not please all
- The owl bomber released once the competence
Commented on 2016-02-22 18:43:25
I loved both Far Cry 3 and 4. And even while I did get pulled away from Far Cry 4 because of time constraint reasons - after doing around 65% of everything, still had 10 story missions to finish at that point, the game was still a real blast when I returned to finish it a few weeks later.

I remember doing the most ordinary things like driving, flying that mini-helicopter, swimming, hunting animals and fighting enemies and thinking to myself how much fun I was having in doing the most simplistic things. Far Cry 4's world - just like Far Cry 3's world - was a blast to play and mess with.

Far Cry games are all about having an open world sandbox and having dozens of different tools and ways to tackle any given situation, plus getting to toy around with the world and everything in it.

I don't have Far Cry fatigue yet, I even have Far Cry 2 installed - which I never finished. I might try Far Cry: Primal before I restart playing Far Cry 2, but I don't feel the need to play any of the two right now.

Though to me it's too soon to have another Far Cry game, while not fatigued of the series, I don't feel this game needed to be released so soon after Far Cry 4. To anyone that's not dying to play this game right now, it might be better to wait for a discount or a complete edition with all the DLC down the line.
This message and account have been deleted at the user's request
Commented on 2016-02-22 23:30:28 In reply to Driftwood
Posted by Driftwood
I couldn't play Far Cry 4 more than 4 hours because it felt too similar to 3 and I had a lot of fun with Primal, so you never know. That being said, in a way I skipped FC4, which might have helped.
It's cool game.. Like it A lot ... I skipped FC4 too ... So maybe that's why I like this one
Commented on 2016-02-22 23:53:05
Wait are the videos from the PC version? Should I know? I don't see the tags and I don't know if I am supposed to know that, normally there's written PC, PS4 and XB1 or something.
Commented on 2016-02-22 23:53:32
p.s. I haven't downloaded the videos yet but I see that they are 1080p60....also don't know if the consoles are capped to 30 or not.
Commented on 2016-02-23 00:15:20 In reply to rogermorse
30, we've already explained many times why the videos are captured at 60 fps. ;)
Commented on 2016-02-23 08:57:54
Ah, no i didn't know and didn't read that anywhere. I'm sure I would have noticed if I watched the videos. So, are all the videos (in this page) from the PS4?
Commented on 2016-02-23 12:31:05 In reply to rogermorse
Indeed. PC version won't come out until next week.

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