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We reviewed Metro Exodus

We reviewed Metro Exodus

Many people have been eagerly waiting for the release of Metro Exodus and so have we. Even though the previous 2 games were far from being perfect, they have always had a particular flavor for us. The question was to know if that flavor wouldn't be too different after leaving all the underground locations of the Russian capital. To find out if that's the case, all you need to go is give our verdict a quick read and enjoy all the videos we have prepared for your eyes only.
Note: All the captured footage was recorded before the release of the dedicated Nvidia drivers.


People expect Metro Exodus to look gorgeous and they will not be disappointed. It obviously comes with a price, as you will need a very powerful PC to max it out, and even if you do, playing in the extreme preset with hairwork, advanced physics, RTX and DLSS will require you to cap the framerate at 30 fps if you want to play in 4K with the most powerful GPU of the moment. We should have videos of the game running with a GTX 2080 Ti on Thursday, so get ready to be amazed. Although we haven't seen the console versions yet, our good friend John Linneman has told us they seem to struggle, especially on base PS4. Pro and X are mostly stable at 30 (with an advantage for Microsoft's console apparently), but funnily enough, performance is more consistent on base Xbox One overall. Exodus really is the kind of game people will use to benchmark future GPUs, but is it fun to play? The answer is yes for the most part. This third installment has managed to add some more open levels which work well and do not make it feel like you're playing just another open world games. It means you're not going to be overwhelmed by useless activities to keep you busy. The point of these 3 locations (Volga, Caspian and Taiga) is to give your more space for exploration and survival, rewarding you with some nice pieces of equipment if you venture outside of the main storyline. There are risks to do so, as the local fauna is always hostile, and the creatures can quickly outnumber you, but it is possible to remain unseen. Some sequences are still a bit clunky, voice-acting also sounds a bit tacky, but the incredible work 4A Games have achieved on the game's atmosphere and visuals make up for the title's shortcomings. By leaving the dark corridors of Moscow's metro, the series is bound to step into the light more, both literally and figuratively.

On the plus side

+ Graphically amazing
+ The overall presentation
+ Atmosphere is still excellent
+ It's good to be back in the world of Metro
+ Metro has evolved but it's still Metro
+ Open areas are actually a good addition
+ Crafting and upgrading make sense in this world

On the downside

- Very demanding game in the highest presets
- No custom settings on PC, why?
- Gameplay is still a bit clunky at times
- Voice-acting is a bit tacky
- AI is still lacking
- Story could have been deeper
- A few bugs

PC - Artyom is Back
PC - Snowy Moscow Landscapes
PC Ultra - Volga Arrival
PC Ultra - The Church
PC Ultra - Volga Exploration
PC 1080p Extreme - Gameplay
PC - Sidequest
PC - Sidequest 2
PC - Taiga Arrival
PC 1440p - Landscapes

All comments

Commented on 2019-02-13 16:56:41
Overall how did you find the difficulty and resource scarcity with the inclusion of the open areas? Did it feel balanced?
Im thinking of doing a first playthrough on hardcore difficulty since i like the survival horror aspects of metro
Commented on 2019-02-13 17:15:31 In reply to AndreasZ94
Played in normal mode so resources were ok overall, though sometimes I was a bit low on ammo (it was mostly annoying once because it was an all action scene). Provided you don't try to kill all the creatures you encounter in the wild, you have enough ammo but you still need to be careful.
Commented on 2019-02-13 17:27:49 In reply to Driftwood
Ok sounds good, i was worried ammo would be a lot more plentiful than in the previous games. Glad you still need to be careful
Commented on 2019-02-13 20:28:41
Damn, i failed the window to preorder on steam, is it worth it on consoles?
Commented on 2019-02-13 23:16:57
Kind of disappointing how little you can tweak your settings in the game (much like previous titles) especially if some settings that generally don't much affect overall performance (like textures settings) are behind the higher graphics options.
Commented on 2019-02-14 00:13:17
Tacky voice acting is not really a problem for me i'll put the voices in russian for immersiveness. Game sounds good overall.
Commented on 2019-02-14 01:19:09
Thanks but plz some footage on PS4 pro or one x in 4k
Commented on 2019-02-14 09:00:21
Is the overall feel for the graphics consistent?
On the screenshots you've posted I can see many low resolution material or am I just being too harsh?

I'm glad the atmosphere and difficulty is still there even through the open world is introduced, that's basically all I needed to know ;)
Commented on 2019-02-14 13:50:06
Seems a lot of reviews are saying it looks amazing but gameplay suffers due to poor AI and menial objectives . The weak voice work and technical issues put this safely in the "wait for a discount" pile for me. Maybe this semi open world wasn't the best decision they could have made?
Commented on 2019-02-17 07:14:39
I hope this game does well. Very underrated series IMO
Commented on 2019-02-17 18:52:19
"Although we haven't seen the console versions yet, our good friend John Linneman has told us they seem to struggle, especially on base PS4. Pro and X are mostly stable at 60 (with an advantage for Microsoft's console apparently), but funnily enough, performance is more consistent on base Xbox One overall. "

Console version runs at 30fps, not 60. 60fps with such graphics quality on the current generation of consoles is impossible.
Commented on 2019-02-17 19:01:40 In reply to Simplex
Typo mistakes happen you know.

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