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We reviewed Tearaway Unfolded

We reviewed Tearaway Unfolded

Back when it was released on Playstation Vita, Tearaway was a charming platformer which had a very unique atmosphere. It had been developed with all the features of the hardware of the console in mind, so when Tearaway: Unfolded was announced on PS4, we started wondering how well the title would translate to a home console. After being able to play this new version with added content using new mechanics (like the control of the wind via the touch pad of the DualShock 4), it is safe to say that it works really well overall. Some features felt a bit more natural on Vita, like the drums/trampolines you had to activate with the back pad (on PS4 you need to press the touch pad), but with the added use of the light bar, the fact that you can now use a tablet/phone (or the PS Vita itself) as a second screen, and a few other things, you can tell Media Molecule put a lot of effort in this new edition. As usual, the full review is on the French side only, but our verdict and the videos are inside.


With Tearaway Unfolded, the bet is to appeal to PS4 owners with a game that was designed around the features of a handheld. If you are the cynical type, you'll say it's all about the money, as for us, we prefer to see the creative approach Media Molecule decided to take to adapt their game to a home console. Sure, you'll find some similarities as it is after all the same game, but they have managed to build around the original game to include new features and levels which don't feel out of place. The only problem really might be the price itself, as it is a bit more expensive than the Vita version back when it was released. For many people, paying more for a two-year-old game could be an issue, despite the new content added since then. If you want to experience a quite unique platformer though, this is definitely worth a look, especially if you've never played it before. That being said, we're not too sure this new version has much to offer to those who have already played Tearaway on Vita.

On the plus side

+ A charming world to explore
+ Superb original soundtrack
+ A pleasant game to play from beginning to end
+ Evolutive gameplay, solid mechanics overall
+ More content
+ Good use of the DualShock features
+ Tablets or phones serve as a second screen to create things and take pictures which can be used in the game world

On the down side

- The camera gets in the sometimes
- Some features worked better on Vita
- Occasional frame drops (but rare)
- The new content might not be enough for Tearaway players
- Box version might be a bit too pricey for some

Gameplay #1
Gameplay #2
Gameplay #3
Gameplay #4
Gameplay #5
Gameplay #6
Gameplay #7
Gameplay #8

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Commented on 2015-09-02 18:08:59
I think the price is fair given the platform, the amount of content and most importantly quality of gameplay. I think it looks gorgeous on the PS4, and having not played it on the Vita I found it to be a good PS4 exclusive (I got early access) and hope it has success. More importantly than being overlooked as a quality PS4 exclusive this fall, it's a good game that's going to be new to every PS4 owner who didn't own a Vita. IMO this is a title not to be missed.

I feel you make it sound like it's just a bump in resolution and control adjustments but I feel that's unfair.
Commented on 2015-09-02 18:47:13 In reply to abstractel
You're not feeling it right then. That's clearly not what I have implied here. I merely pointed out what many people will feel when seeing the price tag. I also said that it was a game worth doing for all those who have never played it before. Now I'm sporry if I didn't phrase it as you wanted it, but in no way am I saying that this is not a good game or a good port. The thing is, these days, not that many people are willing to pay €50 for such a game. It's a shame really, but it's a reality. :(
Commented on 2015-09-02 19:48:12
Got it on vita and remains my favorite vita game...Will get it on PS4 for the extras and to replay this masterpeice.

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