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We reviewed TWD A New Frontier

We reviewed TWD A New Frontier

After Batman, developer Telltale is back with The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - A New Frontier, the sequel to season 2 people have been waiting for quite a while. If the spin-off focused on Michonne was not enough for you, this new season should give you a bit more to sink your teeth into. Only 2 episodes are available for now, but they will keep you busy for a couple of hours until the next 3 finally ship in the weeks/months to come.


The opening of this new season of The Walking Dead sets the tone quite brutally. After being introduced to a new cast of characters, all hell breaks loose, proving that, more than ever, New Frontier intends to take the player by surprise as much as possible. Just like those who first discovered Negan's uncompromising savagery in the comic book, you are about to witness the unforgiving nature of the world of The Walking Dead. Clementine now being back to being an unplayable character, she becomes a sort of guide to us, which sometimes influences the way we react to her decisions, something that does not always make sense considering the new hero doesn't know her much, so probably should not trust her that much. The same goes with one of the new characters those who read the comic book (or watch the TV show) know very well. Other than that, don't worry though, there is plenty of tension and surprises, even in the flashbacks showing what happened to Clementine between season 2 and 3. In the end, the first 2 episodes are promising enough to have us excited to see what is going to come next, but the limited gameplay mechanics won't make you change your mind if you have never enjoyed a game by Telltale.

On the plus side

+ A new season without compromise in terms of story
+ The new set of characters shows potential
+ Perfect pace
+ The flashbacks focused on Clementine
+ Makes you want to see/play more
+ Visually nice for a Telltale game

On the downside

- Animations are still awfully dated
- As usual, more of an interactive comic book than a video game
- Some choices are influenced by how well you know the character(s)

Introduction #1
Introduction #2
Extracts #1
Extracts #2

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Commented on 2016-12-30 16:27:17
I finished the first episode and really enjoyed it but man, this is way too short. But sadly what we've come to expect from Telltale's previous games. Except for the first The Walking Dead game.
Commented on 2016-12-30 19:54:21 In reply to Moonwalker
Posted by Moonwalker
I finished the first episode and really enjoyed it but man, this is way too short. But sadly what we've come to expect from Telltale's previous games. Except for the first The Walking Dead game.
Shorter than 2-3 hours then? That's what each episode took me in the first season of walking dead. Same for wolf among us and borderlands. Maybe since batman they've made them shorter? Not played batman though and no real desire to either, so I wouldn't know.

Buy them when a full season is £5 in a few months time. It's all they're good for tbh.
Commented on 2016-12-31 04:01:15 In reply to KORNdog
If I have to guess, episode 1 took me an hour. Was the same with Batman sadly.
Commented on 2016-12-31 09:11:56
I'll binge play it when all the episodes get released, and by then it'll be discounted on Steam. Love a cheeky Steam sale. :)

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