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Witches teaser and images

Witches teaser and images

German editor Schanz and spanish developer Revistronics have launched the official website for the action-adventure videogame called Witches in preparation for the PC, Playstation 3 & Xbox 360. You will command a squad of fearsome magic women trying to cleanse the world of evil. Looks like the female version of God of War (with less AA of course)!

Really low-res trailer
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Commented on 2008-02-26 12:33:04
"So, guys i saw this God of War game and it was really, really cool. We should make a game like that, only with hot chicks and shit! Also demons and zombies! It will be like über cool gais!"

I imagine that's how this game was conceived. It looks pretty terrible (the characters are awful) and the trailer just screams soulless, monotonous hacking right at me.
Commented on 2008-02-26 12:42:39
Commented on 2008-02-26 13:24:42
OMFG... ugly! What a design ^^
Anatomy? That jump in screen 4 looks painful ^^
Nargh, this looks no way like GoW!
Commented on 2008-02-26 14:45:50
Now, if they did a videogame version of Charmed, I'd be in! (especially the mermaid bit!) Yum!
Commented on 2008-02-26 14:55:17
epic! XD
Commented on 2008-02-26 15:26:10 In reply to 2PintsOfInsulin
Posted by 2PintsOfInsulin
Now, if they did a videogame version of Charmed, I'd be in! (especially the mermaid bit!) Yum!
There were mermaids in Charmed?

I don't think this game looks terrible. It might not be a buy, but it may be worth a look see depending on the final outcome.
Commented on 2008-02-26 15:37:18
LMAO, first time i've ever burst out laughing looking through a series of screenshots before. this game looks terrible.
Commented on 2008-02-26 15:38:47
of course there was a mermaid in charmed, that was one of the main shows , when phoebe divorced balthazar, he kept persuing her, wanting her back. she wanted to be left alone, so after they helped a mermaid get back together with a human... she was also a mermaid during the episode, so she decided to roam the ocean forever... !!

(watched it a long time ago.. :D)
Commented on 2008-02-26 16:19:10
It certainly doesn't help using a song that has been beaten to death
Commented on 2008-02-26 20:35:36
I read it was The Witcher first... then looked images :|
Commented on 2008-02-26 21:44:49
Nice choice of soundtrack, Clint mansell - requiem for a dream, makes the most mundane crappy looking game trailer watchable ;)
Commented on 2008-02-26 22:44:35 In reply to newtrick
Thank you! :o)
Commented on 2008-02-26 23:00:39
This message is in "Boulet Time" (TM), If you still *really* want to see it, click here

Commented on 2008-02-27 03:21:10
Some of you guys need to grow a pair. Hot chicks + violence = awesome.
Commented on 2008-02-27 05:54:06
Damn, i thought this was THE WitcheR on consoles =(

Looks pretty terrible as far as the textures but especially the models. Not bad as far as the water goes, and the lighting and stuff, but hopefully the rest of the stuff will pick up when they have put a bit more time into the game.

The animations are really terrible though... Games like this REALLY need mocap if they want to really have good moves, I mean all you have to do is one for each move, and if this game doesn't have any outrageous combos it shouldn't be too hard.
Commented on 2008-02-27 06:00:06 In reply to pythxvii
Posted by synce
Some of you guys need to grow a pair. Hot chicks + violence = awesome.
Some of the people here enjoy videogames. Also, these models != hot chicks.
Posted by pythxvii
Damn, i thought this was THE WitcheR on consoles =(
I doubt that's gonna happen.. the game is really designed from the ground up for kb+m input. I think they're going to make a console game eventually though.
Commented on 2008-02-27 06:50:42
It's too early for me to comment on the game itself, but for the models I don't really see how they're witches. More like Amazon women to me. Hideous lookinig Amazon women.
Commented on 2008-02-27 08:11:45 In reply to GriftGFX
Posted by GriftGFX
Some of the people here enjoy videogames.
Actually most peoples enjoy perfect graphic or they whine.
Commented on 2008-02-27 09:44:59 In reply to Drsw36
Posted by Drsw36
Actually most peoples enjoy perfect graphic or they whine.

My point was simply that titties + blood don't make a game good. They only stand to enhance a good experience (NG!).

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