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Wolfenstein New Order trailer

Wolfenstein New Order trailer

Bethesda again, and this time this new gameplay trailer of Wolfenstein: The New Order. Despite the name, it looks like it will be a tad more story driven than expected.

Gameplay trailer

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Commented on 2014-04-08 16:52:30
I woul like to see UFC Bruce Lee Reveal trailer in 1080p
Commented on 2014-04-08 16:58:21
We're waiting for it too ;) EA should send it to us very soon :hope:
Commented on 2014-04-08 18:19:15 In reply to crni20zd
And I would like a million dollars, things don't always happen right away.
Commented on 2014-04-08 19:58:11
Looks really promising. Game which isnt taking itself very seriously. Cant wait.
Commented on 2014-04-08 20:16:55
I didnt say i want to see it right now i said "i would like to see...." Trailer is cool and it shows screens from next gen console even if you dont get hi res trailer i dont care shit happens lazy developers :P
Commented on 2014-04-08 22:34:20
This looks quite entertaining and different. I am interested.
Commented on 2014-04-08 23:08:50
Oh god, that weapon modification montage HNNGGG
Commented on 2014-04-08 23:20:28 In reply to crni20zd
I know, but most of the time, if it's not on Gamersyde, it means it's not available in high quality. :(
Commented on 2014-04-08 23:55:45 In reply to Driftwood
This message is in "Boulet Time" (TM), If you still *really* want to see it, click here

Commented on 2014-04-09 01:58:28
Guys, the Doom beta, is that for an upcoming Doom4 game or a reboot of the franchise?
Commented on 2014-04-09 05:33:31 In reply to jmd749
Posted by jmd749
Guys, the Doom beta, is that for an upcoming Doom4 game or a reboot of the franchise?
Those are one and the same from the sounds of it, at least in the current and probably final iteration. It's for the next Doom game, that's about as specific as I can say for sure :p Doom 4 has gone some places since announcement, but this is the game that started as Doom 4. Whether it'll resemble a sequel to any of the other games is yet to be seen.
Commented on 2014-04-09 13:11:35 In reply to jmd749
Posted by jmd749
Guys, the Doom beta, is that for an upcoming Doom4 game or a reboot of the franchise?
Honestly, that game has been in development hell for a while and I wouldn't get this game if you're just interested in that. If you're into a 15 hour really great feeling single player FPS...

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