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Wolfenstein: The New Order trailer

Wolfenstein: The New Order trailer

Before facing your inner fears in 2014 with The Evil Within, Bethesda will offer you to fight against the nasty villains of Wolfenstein: The New Order in its alternate universe of the 1960s. MachineGames (established by former founding members of Starbreeze) is developing the game on id Tech 5 and it is expected to release in Q4 2013 on Xbox 360, PS3, PC and next-gen consoles.


MachineGames Forges A New Chapter In This Celebrated Franchise

May 7, 2013 (Rockville, MD) – Bethesda Softworks®, a ZeniMax® Media company, today announced a new title, Wolfenstein®: The New Order™, an action-adventure shooter slated for release in Q4 2013. The game is being developed by MachineGames™, a studio comprised of seasoned developers who have been responsible for creating some of the industry’s highly-acclaimed games. Wolfenstein has been widely credited for helping establish and popularize the first-person shooter genre, and Wolfenstein: The New Order reimagines this franchise in ways both horrifying and dramatic.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is scheduled for release on Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, PC, and next generation consoles. Additional details about the game will be revealed in a series of exclusive feature stories with beginning on Wednesday, May 8th.

“We are excited to bring a new chapter of Wolfenstein to gamers everywhere,” said Jens Matthies, creative director at MachineGames. “As fans of the series, working on this game is an honor, and our team is driven to create an unforgettable action-adventure experience that will make FPS fans proud.”

Wolfenstein: The New Order has not yet been rated by the ESRB.

About ZeniMax Media Inc.
ZeniMax Media is a privately owned media organization headquartered outside Washington DC with international publishing offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Eindhoven, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Through its subsidiaries, ZeniMax Media creates and publishes original interactive entertainment content for consoles, the PC, and handheld/wireless devices. ZeniMax Media divisions include Bethesda Softworks, Bethesda Game Studios, id Software, Arkane Studios, Tango Gameworks, MachineGames, Battlecry Studios, ZeniMax Europe Ltd., ZeniMax Asia K.K., ZeniMax Asia Pacific Limited and ZeniMax Online Studios. For more information on ZeniMax Media, visit

About Bethesda Softworks
Bethesda Softworks, part of the ZeniMax Media Inc. family of companies, is a worldwide publisher of interactive entertainment software. Titles featured under the Bethesda label include such blockbuster franchises as The Elder Scrolls®, DOOM®, QUAKE®, Fallout®, Wolfenstein®, Dishonored®, Prey® and RAGE®. For more information on Bethesda Softworks’ products, visit

About MachineGames
Established in 2009 by former founding members of Starbreeze Studios, MachineGames was acquired by ZeniMax Media in 2010. MachineGames is developing Wolfenstein: The New Order on id Software’s revolutionary id Tech® 5 technology. MachineGames is located in Uppsala, Sweden.

MachineGames, The Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, Bethesda Game Studios, Dishonored, Arkane, The Evil Within, PsychoBreak, Tango, Tango Gameworks, Battlecry Studios, Prey, Bethesda Softworks, Bethesda, ZeniMax and their related logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of ZeniMax Media Inc. in the United States and/or in other countries. Fallout is a registered trademark or trademark of Bethesda Softworks LLC in the United States and/or in other countries. id, id Software, id Tech, DOOM, QUAKE, Wolfenstein and RAGE are registered trademarks or trademarks of id Software LLC in the United States and/or in other countries. Other product and company names referenced herein may be trademarks of their respective owners. All Rights Reserved.

Wolfenstein®: The New Order™ is a fictional story set in an alternate universe in the 1960’s. Names, characters, organizations, locations and events are either imaginary or depicted in a fictionalized manner. The story and contents of this game are not intended to and should not be construed in any way to condone, glorify or endorse the beliefs, ideologies, events, actions, persons or behavior of the Nazi regime or to trivialize its war crimes, genocide, and other crimes against humanity.

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Commented on 2013-05-08 16:13:19
I still always think of a Vietnam setting when I hear most of Jimi Hendrixs' songs.

Totally not fitting for a seperate timeline/reality "Nazi future setting" if you ask me.

Tbh I'm pretty skeptical about this game. We've only seen some screen shots but another gritty dark shooter is not something I'm looking forward to.

Ahh well hope they can convince me other wise.
Commented on 2013-05-08 18:01:59
I actually really like the use of music :P

However robots in a Wolfenstein game doesn't sit well. I've been thinking lately this year how much I miss Enemy Territory. That game was the shit
Commented on 2013-05-08 18:03:03 In reply to Tinks
Posted by Tinks
However robots in a Wolfenstein game doesn't sit well.
Except for all of the robots and tech in previous Wolfenstein games :P
Commented on 2013-05-08 19:05:07
I'm with Warren Specter on this. This really is hopelessly uninspired, derivative tosh.
Commented on 2013-05-08 21:04:13
I think I'm in a minority when I say this but I thought even the very first wolfenstein was wank and I dont understand why it was ever praised even when it irst released. This back when I saw it running on a friends pc in 93 I think it was. Just awful even then. Doom was something special of course

Probably because of my playing Starfox which was altogether more impressive than Wolfensteins's naff graphics and crap gameplay
Commented on 2013-05-08 21:11:04
Killing Nazis will never get old, but I would really stop this from developing into this mess.
Commented on 2013-05-08 21:20:49
Oh hey look, it's that Micheal Bay Game with robots...

Commented on 2013-05-08 23:48:09
love this song :D - I guess I'm old lol
Commented on 2013-05-09 00:38:47
Song worked, but wonder if the game does? Iron sky the game?
Commented on 2013-05-09 02:09:25 In reply to moroboshi
When was the last time Mr Spector developed a good game?
Commented on 2013-05-10 00:59:21 In reply to Tinks
Posted by Tinks
I actually really like the use of music :P

However robots in a Wolfenstein game doesn't sit well. I've been thinking lately this year how much I miss Enemy Territory. That game was the shit
Wow seems like you never played a single Wolfenstein game in your life but you post a negative hatearade on this game... lamer.

Spoilers: There are robots and prototype cyborgs in every Wolfenstein game and yes they are hella fun to kill.
Commented on 2013-05-13 07:24:38
Are Cyborgs and Robots the same thing?

I don't think any real Wolfenstein fan counts 2009 Raven dev Wolfenstein as a legitimate release in the series...
Commented on 2013-05-14 16:31:12
I guess I only played multiplayer. I don't remember any robots/cyborgs in that
My post wasn't "haterade" either. It was hardly even anything
Commented on 2013-05-14 21:39:32 In reply to crookedmind
Posted by crookedmind
Are Cyborgs and Robots the same thing?
Same genre. And what's a "real Wolfenstein fan?" What counts? RTCW? ET? Wolf3D? All vastly different games of vastly different quality.

And there's a bit of technology floating about Wolfenstein. Starting with Wolf3D. It's always had a bit of occult and tech weirdness. Hardly a straight up WWII motif. That's why it's cool.

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