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WWE SmackDown 2007 images

WWE SmackDown 2007 images

THQ released these images of WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007, from the Xbox 360 version of the game.

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Commented on 2006-08-24 13:13:12
Looks dull.
Commented on 2006-08-24 13:19:26
The game is not being released to the PS3.
Commented on 2006-08-24 13:20:56 In reply to wuffyx
Posted by wuffyx
The game is not being released to the PS3.
I thought the same thing, last I heard THQ cancelled the PS3 version of the game.
Commented on 2006-08-24 13:34:05
True. Happened about a month ago. Official press release and everything. The PS3 version of this game was canned.

Is it me, or since E3, hasn't M$ managed to score a whole bucketload of exclusives.
Commented on 2006-08-24 13:40:49
Whoops, my bad. I've changed the news, thanks for the headsup.
Commented on 2006-08-24 14:26:04
Oh nice a game from the worlds worst entertainment ever. I mean do you seriously bang your leg to the floor when you hit someone in real life? NO!! or if you do then your acting, Anyway for those who like the entertainment this game might look very nice, atleast it looks good but if it's anything like the earlier games that I'we seen (NOT PLAYED) then it looks very dull and boring.
Commented on 2006-08-24 14:33:02
jaggies wtf
Commented on 2006-08-24 15:28:34
I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this game. Looks awesome. Blim or snoopers is this game playable at the convention? I'd kill for some new footage of triple H
Commented on 2006-08-24 15:43:47
...why did I say snoopers I meant manager, my bad. Just really excited about this game.
Commented on 2006-08-24 16:45:35
Wow, I wonder how he did this:
Commented on 2006-08-24 17:40:24
The graphics are great in still shots, but when the game is in motion, it looks a little long in the tooth. They can't seem to do away with the puppet animation of the models. Don't expect anything more than an expensive coat of paint for this one. Keep in mind that the SmackDown games also looked well on the obsolete PS2. So I can't praise the devs for porting the game to Xbox360. This title is just another exclusive that Sony lost to multiplatforming. For Microsoft, that's always a plus.
Commented on 2006-08-24 17:55:05
Omega I think your wrong about it being a simple port, the models on the ps2 don't look nearly as good plus the 360 version has more hotspots and xbl exclusive online modes.

Look at these pictures and tell me they look the same:

xbox360: http://media.xbox360.ign.com/media/820/820799/img_...
Ps2: http://media.ps2.ign.com/media/820/820800/img_3789...

clearly there is a big graphical difference...
Commented on 2006-08-24 20:30:34
The animation simply sucks.
Commented on 2006-08-25 01:10:05
this isn't coming for ps3 so shouldn't really be listed here....
Commented on 2006-08-25 09:21:35
Where is Fight Night 3 graphics?
Looks like a PC game!
Commented on 2006-08-25 13:08:43
Yeah it's not coming to PS3.
Commented on 2006-08-25 18:03:48
It looks good, I guess, but it's still a wrestling game. Which means it's kinda lame.

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