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X06: Images of Halflife Episode Two

X06: Images of Halflife Episode Two

Valve released these images together with all the other ones from X06 yesterday, but they captured these images from the exact same places as their old images - so it completely fooled us into thinking that they were old. Here they are anyway, a day late, but they actually seem to be the first images from the console versions (not confirmed yet).

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Commented on 2006-09-29 00:17:43
Very nice!

last pic is my fav.

Any news on a release date?
Commented on 2006-09-29 00:19:31
why doesnt the portal gun have the blurry-ness to it???!
Commented on 2006-09-29 00:19:40
Not sure If id buy this, HL ep1 was boring, portal seems nice, but not 60 buck nice, and I couldnt care less about TF2.
Commented on 2006-09-29 00:28:49
Psyched about this one, even though I already bought Half Life 2.
Me thinks it's an easy gift.
Commented on 2006-09-29 00:31:40
The PC version looks better, thats not a good thing. If this does not look better in motion then the graphics would get a 6/10
Commented on 2006-09-29 00:38:15 In reply to superjesse
Posted by superjesse
The PC version looks better, thats not a good thing. If this does not look better in motion then the graphics would get a 6/10
looks the exact same.. These screens look better than what i have seen though, better shadowing, seems theres the bloom effect (maybe the hdr?)
Commented on 2006-09-29 00:39:37
it has the original half life 2 with upgraded graphics, ep1, ep2, porta, and tf2.

I think that's worth $60.

Commented on 2006-09-29 00:57:21
well after watching the 360 version on the market place trailer .... i can easilly say the pictures dont do it justice

still not buying though, graphics are not everything, end episode 1 proved that
"BORING as dinner with a nazi"
Commented on 2006-09-29 03:15:13
ep1 ep2 tf2, hl2 so woth the 60.. probably the second thats actually worth 60
Commented on 2006-09-29 05:32:25
I'll buy this IF and ONLY IF they add Counter Strike Source to the package. Come on Valve/EA, you can do this, it's just a fairly easy port....and think about it, you can milk us later on with additional maps!!!!!!!!
Commented on 2006-09-29 07:08:25 In reply to Haloalldaylo
Posted by Haloalldaylo
why doesnt the portal gun have the blurry-ness to it???!
it looks like the screen was taken with the Depth of Field shaders disabled... also no motion blur since it's a screen
Commented on 2006-09-29 07:32:10
I'm getting it as I'm really looking forward to Team Fortress 2 and Portal is a nice bonus

I've already got Half-Life 2 + CS: Source and everything but not Ep 1 & 2
Commented on 2006-09-29 11:32:55
Luckily i never got to experince HL2 on the PC so now i can enjoy it on my console and the two episodes aswell.
Commented on 2006-09-29 12:04:13 In reply to Shawnzee
Posted by Shawnzee
Not sure If id buy this, HL ep1 was boring,...

ill be getting this for pc like the rest of them. no one can make an FPS like valve. all true FPS gamers know this. valve shall forever reign. just play EP1 with commentary on and youll HEAR why. valve FTW

if any of you havent beaten the oriiginal HL yet, STOP what youre doing and play it! hehe

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