Rayman Origins
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What's up?
  • FireWire
    FireWire @digi_matrix: that looks awesome! (28 minutes ago)
  • Sath
    Sath But yeah, the one liners and "jokes" arent funny at all, its a shame since trailers lead me to believe it was much "bigger" than what i saw. (40 minutes ago)
  • Sath
    Sath Just saw Avengers 2, it was alright at best, it had 2-3 great scenes but those were big scale CGI stuff. PS. Scarlett Witch actress, looked gorgeus! (41 minutes ago)
  • digi_matrix
    digi_matrix Riot Civil Unrest looks sweet [url] (1 Hour ago)
  • b0vril
    b0vril I don't really know what "Suicide Squad" is, but that Joker looks stupid. PG Punk Hipster bullshit. (1 Hour ago)
  • PT_G4MER
    PT_G4MER And Jared Leto is a great actor so I think it will be great when it comes out. (1 Hour ago)
  • PT_G4MER
    PT_G4MER I'm confident in David Ayer for this Suicide Squad film. After Heath Ledger he had to go another direction for his Joker. (1 Hour ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood In just a few hours, at 3:00 CET, Bloodborne will get the Gamersyde treatment. (4 Weeks ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood Harold live tomorrow evening, with Loris Malek and Olivier Derivière, only on Gamersyde. (10 Weeks ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood Be there "tomorrow" morning at 8:01 am CET for our verdict on Sunset Overdrive and our direct feed videos. (> 3 Months ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood The Sunset Overdrive Livestream will be on Oct. 20 at 9:30 pm CET (> 3 Months ago)
  • Game2k
    Game2k You can watch all GamesCom 2014 press conference on GSY. (> 3 Months ago)
  • Game2k
    Game2k Watch all E3 conferences here at Gamersyde. We'll news them 15 min. before they go live. (> 3 Months ago)
  • BlimBlim
    BlimBlim Big update of the game pages, it's now much simpler to find videos and images of a game :) (> 3 Months ago)
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