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04/02/2011 à 21:31:44

Now the shadow is joined by another shadow that runs across the full width of the top of the screen. They've blended together quite seamlessly even, and I can't wait to see where it goes next. It's a bit like the original Command & Conquer map when you take over territory.

Suffice to say I've pretty much gotten used to the idea that my TV screen is slowly turning into wet looking blob central (I just hope it's not punctuated by Sadako crawling out of it) and that it's a matter of time before I'm gonna have to buy a new one. That realisation alone actually makes using it a little less stressful.

It's a huge bummer though because unlike the 360 which I've a VGA cable for and can connect to my spiffy new PC monitor (DVI/VGA connections) the PS3 has component and HDMI. I was gonna go for the one disc, Extraction bonus-erriffic PS3 version of Dead Space 2, but with impending TV explosion I'm not sure.

There are HDMI->DVI adapters, but then where do you get sound from? :O

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