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Brothers in Arms 3 images & trailer

Brothers in Arms 3 images & trailer

Finnish magazine Pelaaja put up a trailer of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway which Gearbox released, together with two new images. It's hard to know what is what right now, as some stuff in the video looks better than the same stuff on the images, and the other way around.
Update: Added another image.

First trailer 720p
Download: AVI HD
First trailer
Download: AVI

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Commented on 2006-05-01 06:01:26 In reply to rayy
Posted by rayy
I want a FPS that when you see down to the floor you could see your feets.. All the FPS when you see to the flor you only see the flor and WTH are your feets are you a flying camera with a gun.. I have always tell myself when somebody is going to make a fps that you could see your feet when you look down..

Bytheway this game look too nice if is scripted or not the game look great. Looking fowar to it
halo 2 u can see your feet haha
Commented on 2006-05-01 07:53:05
i can't wait this game looks awsome
Commented on 2006-05-01 09:46:34
This message is in "Boulet Time" (TM), If you still *really* want to see it, click here

Commented on 2006-05-01 10:43:04
that's amazing....i'm almost definate that its gameplay, its at least definately what the game will look like graphics wise.....i watched it first in the ign video and they had an interview with one of the developers and he talked about the camera view like people in here have said....he stated that you can look down and see the grenades on your belt and stuff, and that they are trying out revolutionary stuff that nobody has done before.... which explains the strange camera that people are saying is not gameplay..but i'm pretty sure it all is
the only thing i'm a little sceptical that isn't actual gameplay is when he catches the shot soldier, because that is a bit strange and wouldn't fit in anywhere else in the game...imagine your in a heated battle and you automatically catch a dead soldier, meanwhile your enemies are shooting at you haha
Commented on 2006-05-01 10:48:01
it was scripted, no doubt. Still looks pretty though.
Commented on 2006-05-01 11:39:22
You can clearly see this is a CGI movie. Nonetheless, it looks like the nice. Well better than nothing. :)
Commented on 2006-05-01 11:41:58
I wouldn't go as far as to call it cgi... everything looked like actual gameplay to me.

Check how the soldiers moved everything seemed to look like a game to me. That definetly wasn't cgi.
Commented on 2006-05-01 11:54:16
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ played a thousand games like this before! a few extra bits of details aint gona excite me into buying another one...

The more i see the same old formula used over and over again, the more i want a Wii.
Commented on 2006-05-01 12:27:10
i think this is realtime. I dont think this looks as good as gears of war and thats real time. The explosion was great, I cant compare that to gears of war because I cant remember ever seing a big explosion in any of the trailers. So im saying realtime but scripted.
Commented on 2006-05-01 12:47:55
holy fuckin shitballs!

that was very impressive,if thats in game then ill be a very happy person
Commented on 2006-05-01 12:49:40
Looks great..loved it when he screamed " Put that fire on that son of a *****!" and threw a grenade with some great explosion effects.

Apart from the begining, everything seems real time..feels so immersive...

even though i'm not into war based shooters..this sure as hell is making me want to play it
Commented on 2006-05-01 13:02:10
OH MY!!! If that's ingame ...... /shits in pants
Commented on 2006-05-01 13:42:45
It's all done with in the game engine... from what I can see.... and if you pause the videdo... from time to time you'll see that the models used isn't as high poly as they look when the video is running..... unlike killzone even if you pause the video to look at it there's alot of faults with it...
Commented on 2006-05-01 13:49:16
is this game even coming to 360?
Commented on 2006-05-01 13:52:53
It might have already been mentioned but if you read the IGN preview it says that BIA3 has been developed in third person, with the camera inserted into the player models head. That's why it moves the way it does. When you grab a grenade you'll see the grenade pulled from your belt. When you climb a wall you'll see your hand grabbing the wall. It's a nice effect. The guy who gets caught by you... not sure how that works, but other than that it looks ingame to me. Awesome.
Commented on 2006-05-01 14:13:48 In reply to Acert93
Posted by Acert93
I think people don't understand why Killzone was so crazy (and NOT realtime, which is now confirmed to be CGI). It was the sum of the parts. Render quality (outstanding filtering and excellent anti-aliasing both on edges and in shaders), very little faked detail (e.g. very high poly counts on everything), completely smooth animation, AI and scripting that was flawless (e.g. the squad mate who flanks the enemy at the top of the stairs and then beats him with the gun), particle effects up the wazzoo and excellent fire/explosion particles, hair physics, advanced facial animations combined with excellent body emotions, very advanced destructible vehicles, and perfectly smooth controls -- all in 1080p in a very large open battlefield.

The scripting in the Killzone video is just nuts. Everything was spot on and obviously much of what they showed in the trailer could be broken in game (or never used... which would lead to massive dev time for unused features/segments of the game). Some parts seem likely (like in mid air when they almost collide and the guy gives a thumbs up). Others parts, like all the collaboration on the highway top seems to be super advanced. Just watch the animations. They are obviously hand perfected and all very dynamic and responsive to the world.

Just compare to BiA. Even though it looks nice, you see the guys all running the same for the most part.

The BiA is very believable for a game--it obviously is part of the game IMO. You have a HUD (note the compass) and can see your character giving signals. Anyone who has played BiA 1/2 would notice this. I only played the demos and it is a DUH. BiA does have some scripting in that you have enemies in a zone and when you enter the zone it initiates events. But all the AI stuff looked like typical BiA.

The lone thing that stood out as being faked/scripted for the trailer was when the friendly guy gets shot and lands in your arms. They may have this in the game, but who says you are following that dude???!! That is something that can be broken in game.

But what I think we were seeing was the OPENING of BiA3. It looks like this may be where you start... or at least start a level. But the short amount of time I have played BiA this scene does not seem out of place. It looks nice, but it also doesn't look super different either--just better quality.

Now go compare the KZ2 trailer to KZ1 on the PS2. KZ2's CGI does not look like an improvement, refinement, and higher quality version of KZ1. KZ2 looks like all the best qualities in every real time game we have seen (animation, facial reactions, graphics, particles, AI, etc) all roled into 1 game -- and then improved multi-fold.

But it doesn't matter, it was CGI. Hopefully Guerrilla can come up with a great game that captures the essense of the KZ2 CGI. But using it as a benchmark, or comparing games to it (real games) is silly.

This is light years away from what we saw in the KZ2 video. I was just watching the KZ2 video the other day. It is nuts on so many levels. Like I said last year: I would pay $10 to go watch a 90 minute movie of Killzone. The quality of the CGI and the action was feature length film quality.

None of the 360 or PS3 realtime footage has given us an indication that we will see anything like that any time soon. Maybe close in regards to faked (e.g. like how BiA3 fakes a tree hedge by using parallax mapping), but the same quality and finesse? No way.

And now I have a post to link to every time someone says, "Man, that is almost as good as KZ2!"
i dont think its really so far as u say...really, technical mumbo jumbo means squat if u can hardly tell the difference....visually:-)
Commented on 2006-05-01 14:51:53 In reply to Jollipop
Posted by Jollipop
Amazing quailty..

Not as good as killzone but near enough.. I think this is all real time just scripted..
killzone is only CGI rendermovie ! no engine
Commented on 2006-05-01 19:02:48 In reply to Immortal_Daemon
Posted by Immortal_Daemon
Don't be so sure about that......... the Killzone ps3 video *was* based on ps3 specs afterall.
Yeah right, and you believe that crap? They went way WAY over the PS3 specs with that CGI video. And like I've said a thousand times already, non-repeating animations=not this generation AT ALL.
Commented on 2006-05-01 19:47:57 In reply to LEBATO
Posted by LEBATO
And like I've said a thousand times already, non-repeating animations=not this generation AT ALL.
lol. lookie here and here. Two fingers WAY up.

Anyway. In the video, i just didn't feel it was real gameplay. might be rendering in rea-time but i don't think anyone was playing in that video. When the player character grabbed the falling marine, it just felt wrong. Then he went straight into a prone position really close to the wall and with another marine right behind him, there was not logical place that his legs could be. it just didn't 'feel' right. i'm sorry.

i don't think that having a HUD makes any difference. I've seen a GRAW tv advert that had the full in-game HUD but i knew it wasn't in-game because i had already seen loads of screens and videos and none of them looked like that vid.

It had that same, over-the-top, 'look at this amazing flying debris' of other promotional videos i have seen. Including a COD2 TV ad that was the same style as 'that killzone 2 vid.'

I just can't say that this BIA3 vid is in-game. In-engine maybe, but i really don't think anyone is playing. Its a promotional video. nothing more.

Now, if they actually went and did a video that was SOO obviously in-game, like if they recorded someone beating an allied marine to death with no enemies around, i could belive that was in-game. But this is just promotional.
Commented on 2006-05-01 20:25:35
The motion blur and the lighting are a doozy. Can't wait for E3. The textures kind of dissapoint but the game will age well hopefully.
Commented on 2006-05-01 20:50:15 In reply to LEBATO
Posted by LEBATO
Yeah right, and you believe that crap? They went way WAY over the PS3 specs with that CGI video. And like I've said a thousand times already, non-repeating animations=not this generation AT ALL.
ever heard of natural motion.....havok will get a physix based animation tool as well and i bet ageia is doing the same right now....:-/
Commented on 2006-05-01 21:38:34 In reply to satoshi
Posted by satoshi
ever heard of natural motion.....havok will get a physix based animation tool as well and i bet ageia is doing the same right now....:-/
He's not talking about collision physics. He's talking about animations, like running, crouching, shooting, etc. That all has to be hand created, and will always repeat in a real game.
Commented on 2006-05-01 21:50:42
for me personally, I thought the screenshots looked much better than when it was in motion...looked a lot like Call Of Duty. Oh yeah and its obviously scripted, at least in the part where he catches that one guy.
Commented on 2006-05-01 22:21:47
Just because developers are too shortsighted to adopt new technology like blended animation (hand-animation blended with the real time physics engine that contorts the body dynamically while animation plays) doesnt mean it cant be done.

However I have great mistrust about this game. It takes a couple years to do great things and these guys have taken 6 months to do this. Get ready for UE3 conveyor-belt gaming.
Commented on 2006-05-01 23:33:35
im confused about this. Comparing the official screenshots and the screens taken from the video, the character models, shadow effects, and textures look kinda bad compared to the still shots. (any sorta bad video compression aside) Like this for example:


and then:


Is the video supposed to be showing the 360, or PC version? Or is there a xbox1 version also?
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