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Hitman Absolution: Full Playthrough

Hitman Absolution: Full Playthrough

As promised, here is the 16 minutes-long walkthrough of Hitman: Absolution, showing the famous silent assassin in action. The game will be out next year.

Run For Your Life Playthrough

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Commented on 2011-10-11 18:52:56
I wonder if the game will have normal assassination missions like the previous games. Although I gotta say, I really liked this. It feels very cinematic.
Commented on 2011-10-11 18:56:32
Clone Wars @ the end ;)
Commented on 2011-10-11 18:57:00
YES! Was waiting for Gamersyde to get it, since you guys have the best quality on the net!
Commented on 2011-10-11 19:04:06
Screw the haters. That was awesome! And I'm a long-time Hitman fan.

Can't wait.
Commented on 2011-10-11 19:07:04
ohhh yeahh, i still got hitman blood money cant wait for this.

just hope they dont change it too much, dont want another uncharted
Commented on 2011-10-11 19:09:17 In reply to digi_matrix
Posted by digi_matrix
YES! Was waiting for Gamersyde to get it, since you guys have the best quality on the net!
Commented on 2011-10-11 19:37:31
E.P.I.C !!!!!!
Commented on 2011-10-11 19:40:12 In reply to Logion
Posted by Logion
I wonder if the game will have normal assassination missions like the previous games.
This, i hope to god it does, and plenty of them.
Commented on 2011-10-11 19:48:23
Yes, the developers have already stated that the game retains the traditional open ended level setup with after mission rating, etc..
Commented on 2011-10-11 19:54:23
man i can watch this all day one of the best peices of gameplay i have seen in a while, the only negative was 47 voice........the old one was soooo much better its a shame they dumped him
Commented on 2011-10-11 20:46:58
Don't get me wrong but this was bland awful (
It's even more similar to Conviction than Blood Stone was. I hope it's the only "action" part of the game developers mentioned.
Commented on 2011-10-11 22:17:14 In reply to b0vril
Posted by b0vril
Yes, the developers have already stated that the game retains the traditional open ended level setup with after mission rating, etc..
most game developers are like politicians , promise with no fullfilment of the promises.
developers will say anything to sell you their game , even if its blatant lies.
IMO , this is nothing like hitman , i remember blood money when you do your job and walk out the front door like nothing happened. awesome feeling .
Commented on 2011-10-11 22:24:16
So looking forward to it.
Commented on 2011-10-11 22:29:04
looking good.
Commented on 2011-10-11 22:41:48
WOW! That was very very very cool.
Commented on 2011-10-12 01:11:27
It looked great but I'm missing the true Hitman feeling..
Commented on 2011-10-12 03:19:19
Liked most everything except the scripted set pieces. I just hope there are still MULTIPLE approaches to every section, as what I have seen makes it look like you pretty much have to follow the path they showed.

I keep trying to think of different ways to attack that mission, but with the number of cops all around you, it kind of funnels you a certain way, and it looks overly difficult to not kill any innocents. Keeping my expectations low, but I hope it blows me away.
Commented on 2011-10-12 05:49:47
God I'm impressed. Very well done. The music really makes a difference. Very well done, I'm liking this game a lot now.
Commented on 2011-10-12 07:08:08
splinter cell !!!!
Commented on 2011-10-12 07:16:16
Games looks good, but if it had Sam Fisher in it, it would be just fine too.
Commented on 2011-10-12 09:07:13
Hitman plays in Assassins Creed )))
Commented on 2011-10-12 09:09:56
Looks great. So cinematic.
Finally, they engaged people whose hands grow from the right place.
Commented on 2011-10-12 09:22:10
Watched the movie to end. Damn. This is the first Hitman in which I really can not wait to play.
Commented on 2011-10-12 09:40:15
Thought it looked pretty good, they need to get rid of that Xray shit though that's just stupid, and why didn't he take the uniform from the first cop he took out?
Commented on 2011-10-12 09:43:22
And nobody thought that it was a little bit weird that the police just decided to shoot their own guy!? Especially since it's the FNG..
I would hate to be an NY cop :-)
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