The Turks Get Scoop On Juicy GTA IV Info

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New Details have been revealed today for he next-generation console debut of the genre-defining “Grand Theft Auto” franchise. These details are from a Turkish Xbox magazine.

1) When you move, there is a slight vibration with every footstep when you run

2) The HUD has been removed- no health or armour indicators, it is all visual- and if you have armour, you actually have a bulletproof vest which visually deteriates

3) Flamethrower and rocket launcher are still in the game

4) Explosions are larger than ever, and there is a mission in the game based on creating an awesome chain reaction of car explosions- apparently this looks awesome

4) Cars dont explode unless you blow them up- ie they wont explode if you just keep crashing or hitting them- you have to rocket launch into them

5) Niko doesnt get tired- you can run forever, it just wont be as fast as previously.

6) more RPG elements, ie - for a mission, you must catch the train at 7pm, and if you dont, you dont get to do that particular mission (they just gave this as an example, the scenario isnt confirmed in the game yet)

7) Gore is back and better, bullet wounds show, blood appears where you shoot people, they limp if you shoot them in the leg, and hold their arm if you shoot their arm. Apparently when you run someone over it is disturbing (but they gave no more detail)

8) No eating, girlfriends, keeping fit- but your skills do improve over time (driving etc)

9) Secret vehicles and “plenty of goodies” at 100% completion- no more details given (either not revealed or simply not known yet)

10) Land size is bigger than the 3 cities (not country) in SA put together

11) graphics are better than Saints Row- draw distance is literally as far as you can see

12) new trailer will be on the internet 28th of June

Hope to see some scans from that ish, soon.
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will this have co-op....plese GOD make it happen
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