GSY Video

Here is a new homemade video with Ghostbusters: The Remastered Video Game on Xbox One X, captured in 4K.

GSY Video PS4 Xbox One PC

After our videos of GRID on PC, here is a 4K video captured on Xbox One X.

GSY Video PS4 Xbox One Switch PC

Indivisible, developed by Lab Zero Games and published by 505 Games is now available, and we could not miss this excellent game. Enjoy the first 45 minutes of the game with our PC videos.

GSY Preview Switch

Still more content on Gamersyde with a preview video of Luigi's Mansion 3 on Nintendo Switch. We will have to wait a little longer to have our final opinion on the game, but the first contact is in any case very positive and we can not wait to discover this adventure.

GSY Video Switch

The Witcher 3 is available on Nintendo Switch and we obviously did not miss the opportunity to show you the game in the best conditions, so here is the first 45 minutes of the game.
UPDATE : FPS Analysis video added.

GSY Video PS4 PC

Monkey King: Hero is Back is coming tomorrow on PS4 and PC, and you can watch the first 40 minutes of the game captured on PS4 Pro.

GSY Video PC

Star Citizen's never-ending development is obviously still on and the game's backers have recently been granted access to the 3.7 version of the alpha. Just like the last time we gave Chris Roberts' colossal project some coverage, we owe today's video to French member atN, who contacted us to share his work (and what work!). Different features have been added to the latest build of the game, like procedural caves, new ships, a first person mining tool, a backpack which serves as a "physical" inventory system and the possibility to rent spaceships.

GSY Video PS4 Xbox One Switch PC

Even though Felix The Reaper is published by Daedalic, it is probably a game you have not heard of much so we thought we'd take a few minutes to explain the concept in writing. Added to that, we obviously have a couple of videos if you want to see the game for yourself. Let us know what you think!

GSY Video Switch PC

Neo Cab has been available since October 3rd on PC and Nintendo Switch, here is a nearly 40 minutes gameplay video showing the beginning of the game.

GSY Video PS4 Xbox One Switch

AeternoBlade II has just appeared on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 (the Xbox One version will follow in a few days), and here is a video of gameplay captured on Switch.


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