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After the short video showing the Xbox Series X version of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, we're back with some Playstation 5 gameplay. This time, we upgraded our character so that the basic enemies would pose no threat, we beat a big flying monster without a sweat, but the second phase of the level's final boss taught us a bit about humility.

GSY Video PS5 Xbox Series X PC

Xbox Series X|S owners have had to be patient but today is the day when DEATHLOOP becomes available to them, a year after the game's original release on PC and Playstation 5. It was worth the wait though as the game is included in Gamepass so you can play it at no extra cost if you're a subscriber. Inside, you will find a video showcasing three of the graphics modes (out of four) on Xbox Series X.

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We had the opportunity to play Soulstice twice last summer, though the first time was just a short demo (which is now available on Steam by the way). Our second hands-on allowed us to prepare a preview video in English, but now is the time to discover our final verdict. To that end, we recorded a Gamersyde Offline video on Playstation 5 after completing the game on PC. If you don't want to listen to our endless ramblings, we also have non-commented gameplay videos on PS5 and PC.

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F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch was originally released about a year ago, but thanks to Microïds, the game is now available in all retailers in a box version for PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch owners. This Limited Edition contains a nice steelbook, a code to download the OST, three artworks and a bunch of stickers. Last year, we didn't really find the time to play the game much, even more so as some of the reviews we read back then were sometimes a bit mixed. It's surprising now considering the game's Metacritic is pretty high (except on PS4 apparently), so we probably didn't check the good websites at the time. After giving it a second chance and putting a bit more than two hours into it, we must say we are pleasantly surprised. It doesn't do anything particularly original in the Metroidvania genre but it's fun anyway. Note that the following video unveils sequences recorded after the first two hours or so so if you only watched davton's PC coverage last time, check this one out!

GSY Video PS5 Xbox Series X PS4 Xbox One

Demos have become rare so getting one for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty during the TGS is a real treat. Better yet, the game is shaping up really well, and though it borrows a few things from the Nioh series (also developed by Team Ninja), it has its own unique personality and it actually plays quite differently. The demo is available temporarily on Xbox and Playstation consoles and we put a bit more time in the PS5 version with. That said, we'll start with a few extracts taken from the Xbox Series X version running in Performance mode, but it's really the very beginning of the demo and we couldn't get very far. We'll try to add some PS5 footage as well later since our character is more advanced (and we can show you around the demo more easily). If you have tried the demo, please share your thoughts in the comments. Are you as excited as we are?

GSY Video PS5 Xbox Series X PC PS4 Xbox One Switch

Back in 2020, we failed to cover the release of the XIII remaster by Microïds and it was probably for the best as the game was plagued with bugs and different sorts of problems. This week finally saw the release of the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S update. From what we've seen, the issues the game had when it first launched have indeed been ironed out and the game now runs at 60 fps. We haven't noticed any slowdowns yet but the choice to keep a rather low resolution (1080p from the looks of it) is disappointing on current hardware. Image quality takes a bit of a hit as a result, which is a shame as cel shaded games can look pretty good in 4K. The publisher and devs mentioned improved AI and though we can't compare with the 2020 version, don't expect it to be smarter than in the original 2003 title. The game is a remaster after all, so it's quite normal that it should be a bit stiff when compared to today's first person shooters. It certainly shows in the video but some might like this old school feel. As for us, we really enjoyed the original game back in the days, but today it really has aged in terms of gameplay and voice acting, but also in the way the different scenes are staged. Check out the video to see if there's still a chance for you to enjoy this video game adaptation famous comic book series.

GSY Review PS5 Xbox Series X PC

As Nacon sent us a review copy of Steelrising about three weeks ago now, we're happy to share our verdict in video format. Again, we're proposing a sort of presentation video as for The Last of Us Party I, though this time it's way longer so you can see more gameplay. It's clearly a bit too long, hence the absence of 1 downloadable version, but we hope it'll do. A gameplay video without any commentary is also available, this time in full Gamersyde quality. Hopefully, it will be enough for you to find out if there is anything for you on Spiders' new game.

GSY Video PS5

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory and Fallen Legion Revenants are now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S. You can now watch our video captured on PS5, with gameplay for both games.

GSY Video PS5 Xbox Series X PC PS4 Xbox One

The new RPG Soul Hackers 2 is available since a few days on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. For once an ATLUS game is available on Microsoft consoles, so we captured the Xbox Series X version.

GSY Review PS5

It's always awesome to be given the time to prepare great content for Gamersyde and because we can always count on Sony and Playstation to send us early copies of their games, we're very happy to share so many high quality videos and screenshots of The Last of Us Part I. The written review and the video review are only available in French but I recorded a 40-minute presentation video in English in which I tell you everything there is to know about the remake. It's much longer than the French video review so I hope it will make up for the absence of a proper edited review. That's not all though, inside you will also find a bunch of gameplay videos of this new version of the game, some even comparing it with the remaster released back in 2014. I'm fully aware that this side of the website seems even more deserted than the French one, but hopefully you'll appreciate the effort and will let other people know that Gamersyde remains the only place where gamers can see the games as they truly are, with as little compression as possible.


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