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As promised, here is the full Resident Evil Village demo which was released last night on Playstation 5 exclusively. The size of our video is pretty close to the size of the demo itself, so you can easily imagine that quality is great. We'll start with an SDR video but we're encoding some HDR gameplay too. Just don't expect this second video to be ready anytime soon.
Update: After a bit more than 4 hours of encoding, the HDR version is up!

Trailer Xbox Series X PC Xbox One

Before Resident Evil Village, we should be granted a good amount of virtual fear thanks to The Medium, the game by Bloober Team which will come out exclusively on PC and Xbox (One, Series X/S) next week. Here's is a new trailer in 4K.
Update: 9 Uncanny Facts video added.

Trailer PS5 Xbox Series X PC PS4 Xbox One

Yesterday event around Resident Evil Village was the opportunity for Capcom to unveil the game's release date on May 7 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. We also discovered the existence of a free pre-order bonus called RE:Verse, which will consists in 6-player deathmatch battles featuring iconic RE characters. The comic-style visuals of this multiplayer game are quite a departure from what we've seen of RE Village, but since they are 2 different titles, it's not that surprising. RE:Verse will be available in March, hoping to keep RE fans busy until May at least. Aside from the release date, the best surprise was without a doubt the arrival of an exclusive demo on Playstation 5. It is entitled The Maiden and it's a stand-alone experience, but if you don't own a PS5 and you're not ready to wait until this Spring to try it on Xbox or PC, we are currently encoding a video of the full thing in 4K. It is a pretty short demo, with very little to do in terms of gameplay, but what it shows of the game's atmosphere is pretty promising to say the least. Let's just hope that the dev team will have the time to smoothen the framerate in the final build. Until our video is ready, why don't you check out the new trailer and screenshots?

GSY Video PS5 Xbox Series X PC PS4 Xbox One

Hitman 3 is now available on almost all platforms so we can share this long HDR video of the Xbox Series X version of the game. We apologize for not giving you a partial translation of our French review of the game, but it was a bit complicated to do so this time. All you need to know is that this last episode in the trilogy is just as good as the others, but that it won't be more convincing to you if you didn't enjoy the first two. Our only regret with it if we had to name one is that the last mission isn't a real "Hitman 2016" level and that it's closer to Absolution in the way it proposes a very linear experience. It's not a bad way to finish the game mind you, but it would have felt better if it had been the 7th mission than the 6th, as it means only 5 open maps are available in this final chapter. That being said, Hitman 2's opening did not feature a very big level either.

Trailer PC

Rockfish Games' space looter shooter Everspace 2 is available on Steam Early Access and GOG Games in Development for $39.99. The early build features more than 25 hours of gameplay from the first two star systems with full English voice acting for the first 12 hours of the story campaign.

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Dark fantasy action roguelike Curse of the Dead Gods will leave early access on February 23rd and will also fully release on PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

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Delayed to April 1st, the cooperative shooter Outriders from People Can Fly showcases the PC features. A free demo will be available February 25th on PC as well as on consoles.

Video Xbox Series X PC

Here is the extended gameplay footage of The Medium in good quality. Release a few days ago, the video gives a good glimpse at what to expect from the real world and the spirit world in that haunted hotel resort. We're also adding the live action trailer. Bloober Team will launch the game in 10 days.
Update: RTX trailer added.

Trailer PS5 Xbox Series X PC PS4 Xbox One

Unlike the rest of the press and a good number of YouTubers, we sadly weren't invited to preview Hitman 3 recently, but we're trying to catch up when it comes to the game's assets. Inside, you will find a couple of trailers as well as a series of screenshots. We remind you that the game will be released on january 20 on PC, Xbox One, Series X, PS4 and PS5.

Gamersyde PS5 Xbox Series X PC PS4 Xbox One Switch

We're a tad behind schedule as usual, but the team and I wanted to wish you a happy new year, hoping that it will best the previous one in every possible way. It shouldn't be too difficult considering the hardships we've all had to face in the past few months, but let's focus on the future and not linger on what happened. The video game industry si still thriving though game development has been pretty complicated lately (which showed on several occasions last year sadly) so we can only hope life gets easier for those who are behind the scenes and who devote their time to making the titles we love. Thanks again for your support, things haven't been that easy for us either as publishers seem to rely more and more on YouTube, but we promise you we'll keep doing our best to provide high quality content.


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