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We've been telling you about The Invincible for a bit of a while now so we're happy to be allowed to share the gameplay footage of the preview demo we were sent a few weeks ago. As you will see, it is really a story-driven adventure that seems to lean on the walking simulator genre. It's hard to be fully sure of its potential but its atmosphere is really spot-on and its Firewatch-vibe is something that we really like a lot.

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Electonic Arts announced Need for Speed Unbound, launches on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC on December 2, 2022. Here is the reveal trailer.

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After its announcement a few days ago, Wild Hearts is back with a 7 minutes gameplay video, with some game mechanics during a hunt and also some co-op sequences.

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Tactics Ogre: Reborn is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC on November 11, and Square Enix has just released new images of the game.

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With every new year comes a new FIFA, until now that is, as FIFA 23 will be the last episode to carry the iconic name. We're a bit late when it comes to our video coverage of the game but we're happy to share the two following videos. Only the first one includes the English comments, but if you want a good laugh, you should check out how the game's physics engine allowed the AI to cheat beautifully while it was about to lose the match. The video was recorded on Xbox Series X.

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Dead Space will be a full remake of the original 2008 game and it will be released on January 27 2023 on PC, Xbox Series X|S and Playstation 5. A first real trailer showing some gameplay sequences has just been unveiled so here it is in its Youtube version (not that we have any hopes to get a better one anytime soon...).

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Dakar Desert Rally is the sequel to Dakar 18, which was sadly not as good as we had hoped. This new episode is clearly not perfect but the studio has improved their formula, even if it means they have made the game more accessible. The Sport mode is indeed very reminiscent of the old arcade games like Fuel or Motorstorm (and even Forza Horizon more recently) while the Professional and Simulation modes are destined to those of you who want navigation to be as realistic as possible (get ready to get lost). Vehicle handling does not change between modes though and it remains arcadey (so don't expect the game to be Snowrunner Racing). AI can be a bit annoying in Sport mode as the rubber banding effect seems to be back and opponents sometimes drive like maniacs (which can lead to accidents involving you...). Performance isn't perfect either, whether on PC or consoles, and it's a bit of a shame in a racing game. That said, this title has a lot of potential, and considering its cheap price tag, it might be worth your money if you're aware of its shortcomings.

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The Callisto Protocol is still planned for December 2 2022 and we sure hope it's not going to be delayed at the very last minute. A new trailer was released earlier today and though it's only available on YouTube, we're happy to share it with you all.

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With the recent delay of Skull and Bones, which won't come out before March 2023, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is the only big Ubisoft game to come out this year and only Switch owners will be able to enjoy it. Not having one of Ubisoft's AAA for the end of the year feels a bit strange, and it's clearly a first, but we're confident that this sequel to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is going to be awesome.

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The survival genre is still very much alive and kicking, especially on PC. Forever Skies could be described as Subnautica in the sky. You evolve in a post-apocalyptic world where some toxic dust has modified our planet's ecosystem. Your first task is to get your airship running by building an engine and later a turbine to reach new heights. Your vehicle will take you from place to place but it will also serve as your lab and your home. Because it's a survival game, you will have to feed yourself, find drinkable water and avoid some of the viruses you might encounter. Your end goal is to find a cure to the disease that touches your family. There isn't much going on in terms of storytelling outside of the notes you find and the environment itself, so it's hard to know if the game will offer enough variety. Crafting is obviously very important and the different schematics you will find on your way will allow you to progress more easily, giving you some incentive to keep playing. Whether or not it will be enough to keep the players interested still remains to be seen as we haven't seen enough to know for sure. What we can say though is that, for now at least, it is a bit less engaging than Subnautica.


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