Has anyone got experience reusing SD cards from other older devices?

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Hey guys,
so I recently got the cheapest steam deck which was the 64 GB version, and after installing left 4 dead 2 and some mods, and other games that aren’t too big, I’ve been having a complete blast of a time playing on the steam deck, 😁 however, I kinda regret just getting the 64 GB version, because one of my friends recently gifted me a copy of red dead redemption 2 on steam so we could play together but oh boy, I discovered that the installed size is BIG, way bigger than my internal memory… it was 175+GB.

So I went hunting for an SD card I could use, and I found my brother’s SD card for the switch, although he’s out of the country for a month, I asked him if I could use it for the meantime and he was ok with it.

Now I did a bit of googling, and I found some story on reddit about a nintendo switch getting fried by an SD card, and I don’t want that to happen to my brand new steam deck. 😱

Now since this card is from the switch to the steam deck, I was wondering if it would be compatible? Since this SD card is the green one with the leaf that says Nintendo Switch on it.

Here’s the picture: 👇

Since this SD card was made for the switch (does it work that way? I dunno how SD cards work exactly, or how they’re made.) Can I even use this on the steam deck? I’m feeling nervous because of that earlier reddit story I read about the melted switch.

And if I can use this on the steam deck, do I need to format it on the switch before I transfer it? Or do I need to format it on a PC, since a PC is a more complicated piece of equipment and it can do things mobile devices can’t?
Or maybe I can format it on the Steam Deck itself? How does formatting work anyway? 🤔

If it turns out I can’t use this “nintedo switch green SD card” on my steam deck, I guess I’ll just have to get a “non-nintendo switch branded SD card” (is that a thing?) or a plain one that can be used on any device and not just the switch. 🤨

I googled what kinda brands would be good and according to different website guides I’ve read on different “plain SD cards” (not switch SD cards) that can be used anywhere, I can see that the SanDisk brand was recommended a lot as the best possible SD card for Steam Deck.

I really hope I can use this card to play RDR2 with my friend online, I’m super hyped to play, although this problem makes me annoyed and unsure of what to do. 😢😐

Has anyone experienced problems transferring SD cards between devices? Especially heavily used ones? I hope someone can reply.

Many thanks in advance if anybody can help. 😅🙏
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