After the success of the Portal series, we've seen many first person puzzlers, but they have been a bit less present in the past few years. The Spectrum Retreat is about to change that, thanks to young developer Dan Smith, who won the BAFTA Young Game Designers Award (YGD) 2016 for the prototype of the game. He was only 18 then but it is now a full game. After beating it once, we recorded the first 30 minutes, but you should know it took us about 7 hours to complete it the first time. As you'll see, the game mixes narration and color-coded puzzles, but what you won't be able to see in our 3 videos is that Dan Smith keeps adding small new mechanics up until the end. It keeps it fresh, and though the puzzles aren't incredibly challenging for the most part, we've really enjoyed our time on the game. To us, the main shortcoming is maybe that too much of the plot is given away before the end, which means we weren't surprised by the conclusion. It' s a bit of a shame ,as the premises were just enough cryptic to make us intrigued, but it is not a game breaker by any means.